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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys! It's been few months since I bought my license of 3D Coat on steam, and I spent these just messing around, reading articles and watching some videos. But now I started to do some tests myself and I'll be posting here. I'm currently studying at CGMA Character Arts Program (I dream to one day land a job in the field) and they don't use 3D Coat there, but I"m trying to replicate what I can in 3D Coat too (is good because I do more stuff and at the same time I adapt my workflows since I bought 3D Coat to use for my commercial work). I don't have time to do that always but I'll try my best. In any case I also do some personal studies in the software too. I must say that when I tested the previous version (it was the version 3.7 I guess, I don't remember exactly) it felt almost like a nightmare to sculpt in; however, this new version is AMAZING. I want to always scupt more stuff sometimes just because of the software xD Ok, so let's get started: I did this head after buying Grassetti's Gumroad Videos (pure awesomeness). I didn't started the anatomy classes in the program but knowledge is never too much, so I'm doodling and studying whenever I can. And I also did some fullbody characters (2 to be exactly). They were assignments of a current workshop of the program, however I had to use other software to do them. However, I noticed that I have huge problems in finding the leg sillhouette, so I started "investigating" this particular weakness and did these: This first one was a "blocky" kind of leg, based on references of George Bridgman drawings. And this one was made using several photos for reference: I'll be posting more stuff soon (I hope). I'll be really grateful for any tips and critiques on my work, they will surely help me in my journey. THanks!
  2. Hi all, I really like Sketch Tool in 3D Coat. In fact, I made a fairly popular tutorial about it on youtube. But it is really buggy I've tested it numerous times with different voxel density and scale but it's always unpredictable. So when I hit "apply" sometimes I get the full sketch but more often I get it filled by 20% or none at all. I've ticked and unticked all the boxes in the tool as well, desperately trying to get it working. I think this tool has got some amazing potential and it beats shadowbox in Zbrush on many levels (and I've made video about Zbrush shadowbox as well) But it is just unusable. I can spend 10 minutes sketching without a possibility of applying it. I hope something can be done about it. Cheers, Anton
  3. Hi, I've tried this in the latest beta (4.7.24). When I use the Sketch tool and add a mask of a structure I want to build (see enclosed), I get edges around the masked bits, but they aren't filled. How do I fill those? If I make the white areas smaller, it fills them, or if I make them contiguous, it fills them, but not like this. Am I just doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Thank you! -Chilton
  4. i did several of these robot heads, but this was the only one i rendered out. I got tired of working on heads though so I took the the whole human and started making a robot out of it. Thought i would do a quick render. It contains 21 million triangles. Just a guess but probably be pushing around 25 million by the time i get done with the hands.
  5. Greetings,Darkzeroprojects here to make somewhat postings of my slowly develouping sculpting workflow. Now I admit Im currently got a lot to learn,but I have been for months learning and working on sculpts for my asset creation. heres a example of my wip of a stylized body of a character.
  6. macalabs

    MOR 04

    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    A quick 3d sketch i did for the instagram marathon: marchofrobots. 1 hour post-dinner sketch. Quick and dirty
  7. Here is my first WIP and my first purely creative sculpt from just a sphere. I plan on experimenting with curves and many other tools as I can with this sculpt and will hopefully go all the way with it, from sculpt to retopo to animation for the game that I am working on. If anyone has any suggestions for either methods or for details in the model itself, PLEASE share them with me. I am very new to creature sculpting and sculpting in general. Up until this point I have mainly used every other tool and room in 3d-Coat EXCEPT the voxel room. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the work!
  8. Hi all, not sure if any of you are interested but I have uploaded a 60 minute speed-sketch to Vimeo and it'll be the first of many. There's some basic two-point perspective going on and I plan to cover other processes and techniques over the coming months. Anyhow, here's the link: Ruins For a little more information you can also visit the RetroFist.com website. Hope you like it!
  9. I've finally taken an opportunity to try out the sketch tool. It's OK, but what I found is that it treats darker areas as negative space and lighter as positive. The problem with that is that most images you have are the opposite. Sure, you can invert those images, but then if you have an image of a gun, for example..the gun is say, black. The recessed areas are even darker. When you invert the image, those areas become lighter. Now, if you use that with Sketch is becomes a different problem...yes you get the general shape of the gun, but the recessed areas now protrude, instead of recede. Thoughts/opinions/advice?
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