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Found 12 results

  1. I just used the magic wand tool in 3DCoat on my current model which has a Mask layer that contains a multi-coloured texture with all my component parts. Firstly, the tool is VERY VERY slow; literally the program froze for about a minute and a half while attempting the operation. I have a model with 7 Materials applied each at 4096x4096. Unfreezing takes just as long to perform. It's a far from ideal situation and I've discovered that sending all layers to Photoshop and doing a mask selection and filling a layer with flat colour is a far quicker operation. Anyone else experiencing this or had problems with the Magic Wand tool in 3DCoat? I'm not sure if it even has a contiguous/non-contiguous setting. Any help/advice appreciated.
  2. Hi! I've been having trouble with slow viewport in sculpt room. On one computer with nvidia rtx 2060, intel i5-9400F 2.90GHz 16GB RAM everything works fine with almost no lag in a really large scene with 92 million triangles. On another computer with nvidia rtx 2080 ti, intel i9-10900K 3.70GHz 64GB RAM its really laggy in the same scene. I've tried doing a clean install of nvidia drivers and reinstalling 3d coat which didn't solve anything. Any ideas what I can try to solve this? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I feel the fill tool is just too slow to be really useable in the paint room with anything above 4k textures. I have a 45k tri scene, all one material and selecting polys to paint on regardless if its a smart material or just a colour with disabled normal/roughness, its taking about 10 secs for it to complete each fill. This gif shows how sluggish it is. Any ideas? thanks.
  4. Hello fellow sculpters I am trying demo of 3D Coat and its interface is very slow and laggy. I can't sculpt and even browsing menus is very unresponsive. Problem occures in DX and also OpenGL version. My computer specs: Intel i7 2600K, 16GB ram, nVidia 980 GTX, Windows 7. Thanks for any help and have a nice day.
  5. I'm not sure if it's file format related(if so is it a bug and what are the ideal formats to bring into 3D Coat from other programs?), but I have given 3D Coat many meshes we have that ZBrush can load much faster, other programs can manage some of the data as well(they take a while but no where near as long as 3D Coat). These files range from 400MB PLY to several GB, we've not bothered to try the full data without any decimation(40GB is one of our largest atm). I have tried "Import as Surface" and "Don't close holes"(not sure if that would result in faster or slower loading). A 400MB file is still loading in after 5 hours, it's peaked at 10GB of RAM and CPU usage remains around 10-15%(single threaded?). I've had one of these files take around 7 or so hours to load. Once loaded, it was very fast to move the camera around(some operations worked others seem to make 3DC unresponsive). If saved in 3DC's native format .3b a 700MB .3b loaded in less than a second... I'm not sure what is going on with the import time for original mesh data, but it is a big barrier for us to use your software which looks very capable. Can we possibly resolve this any time soon, or is it expected to take this long?
  6. Hi guys! When switching to certain tools I am experiencing a significant delay. Mostly happens in Voxel mode. Cut Off, Pose and Grow brushes are a guaranteed 2-4 second freeze. Some tools work fine, but others take quite some time. It's been happening for a few versions now.. I am wondering whether it is a proper behavior, or there is something wrong on my end. I remember tool switching being instant in the past. Here's a video illustrating the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lq7mrqjcj6ex3y5/3DCoat_SwitchingToolsLag.mp4?dl=0 3DC Version: 4.7.24 Tested in both GL and DX versions CPU: i7-4770 3.40 GHz Ram: 32GB GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 / Driver Version 378.49 Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Cheers,
  7. So I have been using 3dcoat for about a month now, just really getting into things now. I was working on a prodject trying to make as much detail out of one polygon. I made details in a Hp version and baked it down to a normal map, the Lp version consists of 1 quad polygon (I only paint in 3dcoat, nothing else). The problem now is that when i try to work on the Lp, the painting is really slow, as if it couldnt "think" fast enough it is just really laggy. I tried to paint without the normal and with another version of the model with 6 polygons to form a 3dimensional object, but to no avail. Btw this does not occur on my other models, or the standard models that comes withthe program. Any help is greatly appreciated! -/- Robin
  8. Hi, I wanna try 3D Coat, because my friend tell me its really great! So I install trial and seems cool, but I have one big problem: I put a predefined medium sphere to the viewport, made it 4 times higher res and try to sculpt in voxel mode. It was sooo slooow, I think like 1 frame per sec. Its really terrible. Even when go to a higher level, it stop for like 5 seconds. I dont know why, I have pretty decent computer (i7 2600K at 4,4GHz, 32GB RAM 2133MHz, GeForce GTX 780 3GB, win 7 x64). ZBrush is super fast, but I hate it :-) and wanna try 3D Coat. But I dont know why, its really slow. My friend tell me he can do that without any problem. Sphere with 4 times higher resolution, its still not so detailed and 3d coat told me use only 1.26GB RAM, so its simple I think. Any other software works fine, so I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me please... Thanks a lot for any tips. Tim
  9. Hi there, I just bought 3D Coat through Steam these days and I'm loving the software. I'm a ZBrush user and I'm fairly impressed with all features that 3D Coat has to offer. But I have a question regarding performance, while I'm playing around with voxels. When I increase the resolution to 4X it's a little difficult to use the move tool to deform the mesh, while some other bruses appears to work ok (so far). Even at 16x on surface mode (just a bit) isn't so slow as 4x on voxel mode. I'm using the 3D Coat 64 bit Direct X version. My rig: i7 3.8ghz 16gb ddr3 hd 7970 OC Also, when I increase the density through VoxTree, the mesh changes its scale. How does it interfere in textures and maps when exporting to other softwares? Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone! To be honest, I'm not positive if I only missed some setting that will turn off complex calculations I don't need. But, after having updated to version 4.1, the AUTOPO function will take a very long time. I did not measure the time, but I'd say it takes about 10 times longer than it used to in version 4.0. Even if I set the quality to "Draft quality - fastest", there will not be a major difference. Also, when AUTOPO is finally finished, the mesh will not have the polycount I chose in the dialogue window (difference of about 1000 polys). If I remember correctly, in 4.0, the resulting meshes used to have differences of about 50 polygons. I am using the Mac OS version of 3D-Coat on Mac OS 10.7.5. Many thanks in advance for any help! Greetings, Shu
  11. Anyone else notice that the bigger the brush size is in the Voxel room, the slower the reaction time of the strokes? I'm sure it has something to do with the amount of voxels being changed at one time, but is this likely to be improved?
  12. Hello everyone!! I'm Patrick and I've been using Sculptris up until now. I have some experience with ZBrush too although I don't own a copy of it, I simply had some fun doodling sculpts at a friends house to test the application (his copy). I loved it and will get it for myself eventually. I really like Sculptris too considering it's free in my opinion it gets a few extra points just for that =D I remember looking at 3D Coat a while back and thinking that that I wanted to get it. After a while I simply forgot as other things crept up when I finally had the money to purchase the software... I've returned now to test out the trial again and see what I think of it now. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have one problem with 3D Coat right now but I'm not too sure what you would call it so I'll try and explain my issue and hope that somebody else has had a similar problem but managed to fix it... Before explaining the issue I will give the specs of my machine and operating system: OS - Windows 7 (64bit) Pentium Dual Core processor - 2.70ghz, 2.69ghz RAM - 4gb Nvidia GeForce GT 240 (http://www.nvidia.co..._gt_240_us.html) This I believe is the correct card, I have the 1gb version. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I don't have the most poweerful machine here and it's a good two or three years old now. The problem I'm having is while sculpting with Voxel, I'm experiencing lag whenever I try to sculpt anything... The main reason I want this software is for the sculpting features. The other features are just a bonus =P I tried having a little look around the internet and these forums to see if anybody else has had any similar issuess and haven't found many people with any similar issue although there was one guy on a forum somewhere but there were no responses to his post. I tried making sure everything but 3D Coat was closed to save resources, I've also tried to update my drivers, I tried reinstalling the aplication and that didn't help either. I've checked the system requirements a couple of times to make sure that I didn't read it wrong or anything and I have the requirements for sure!! Does anybody have any suggestions?? -- I've watched a few videos and what not to check out the application again, I would REALLY love to get in the software and start messing around with the voxel sculpting to get some characters finished up fast and efficiently. Ultimatelly I'm going to get this piece of software but if I cannot get the trial to work without lagging whilst sculpting then I won't be getting it until I can afford to upgrade to a new machine and then purchase this. -- When I say that it lags I mean that it doesn't just have a quick lag spike but it continues to lag until I just wait for it to stop and this occurs every time I try to paint on the basic sphere created. If I decrease the brush size a little it seems to be ok but it's fairly small and I cannot work with that when required to move, push and pull to shape my characters. I should probably end this post here as I've been awake all night and this is dragging on a little.. I initially wnated to say hello to everyone and introduce myself then got to speaking about my little issue with this application in the hopes for someone to help me out with a solution, alternatively I will go ahead and try to install the 32bit version, will this help!? I look real forward to using this software and getting my work up on this forums if I can get the app to run ok with this trial and if so once the trial is up I would more than likely be purchasing it and joining everyone here =] Thanks for reading and sorry for the long ass wall of text!!
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