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Found 42 results

  1. I first saw this competition soon after it started, and I messed around with an idea for it, but my skills were not up to the job, so I forget about it and went to another 3D Coat project. Then 3 days ago I started work on a jumping spider idea which i'd got from photographing such a cute spider in my garden, and today I saw this competition was still running - SO i've pucked up the courage to enter.
  2. HorribleHog

    Steampunk Rooster

    Mechs and walkers are my favourite so as my first post, and my entry I'd like to submit a perfect mount for the considerate steampunk gentlemen/ladies! Here's the first WIP screenshot, it may not look like much yet but you may be surprised if I get it done in time!
  3. DiodorOFF

    Steampunk Buggy

    A little bit late but i will try to participate in challenge. My work will be based on desert patrol vehicle
  4. Kinda late, didn't find out about the contest until just recently. Hopefully I'm not too late. First off my references:
  5. BrainchildTV

    Steampunk Inspired Vehicle

    Hey guys, Here's my Steampunk inspired vehicle, I modeled everything using 3D Coat's Sculpt Room. Once the model was finished it was around 6-8 million poly. So I retopologized it in 3D Coat and managed to get it to about 39K poly and was really impressed. After which I textured it using the Paint Room and smart materials and rendered within the Render Room. Everything was done within 3D Coat. I'd wanted to try connecting a mix between a go-cart style unibody and a one wheeled motorcycle. Thanks for checking it out. :)
  6. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    Hi ! I would like to make the train in the Syberia game. I'm a beginner with 3D Coat. I've started some basic shapes on 3D Coat but I'm not satisfied with the result for now ... I struggle to have nice and smooth shapes so no screenshots of it today
  7. quicksketcher

    Steampunk Food Truck

    Here are quick rough concepts sketches for the Steampunk Vehicle Challenge. Sketched on my iphone while commuting. Not locked down but searching for interesting shapes/designs to bring these ideas in 3d. I just began delving in 3d this year and found out about 3D Coat that I could sculpt and paint in the same package. This challenge is a best way I could do to try this awesome program, so far I'm liking sculpting in Voxels! Will practice more and will post some rough models base on these sketches. Stay tuned. Cheers! More a bit of the food truck. It's run by a fly chef that cooks food truck food...not sure what yet. May I ask fellow 3DCoat members what grub you think this guy will cook up. Thank you. John B.
  8. serjetto

    My steampunk thing

    Hello everyone! Hello everyone! Here is my VIP
  9. Furiousflyer

    Steampunk Contest Entry Aircraft

    I have started my contest entry. I am posting my doodles as well as my initial modeling and texturing. Most of the detail is in my mind so the doodles may not make sense.
  10. I used these images for making my unique concept car had round edges.
  11. Polywelder

    Steampunk Leviathan

    Have you ever read the book "The Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld? It's named for a steampunk vehicle that's a huge part of the plot and looks awesome. Here's some reference (an illustration from the book, I believe):
  12. anphung

    My Steampunk Vehicle

    Hello, am I in the right place for the contest?
  13. Darcvizer

    Bike steampunk

    Буду делать байк. Ну что погнали
  14. Glosun


    Hey. I start to to model the steam tricycle. Will see what happens.
  15. MorganNilsson

    Steampunk-esque Character

    Hello! I just began using 3D Coat and felt it could be a good idea to post some of my wips on the forums. I am accustomed to Zbrush ways of doing things with multiple subdivision levels and etc, but I recently bought 3D coat because the pricing was just too good to miss for what you get. Hopefully with this thread I can get more comfortable with a workflow that suits 3D Coats strengths. This is the character I am working on currently for a game concept I have created. It is probably not going to end up in the actual game, but I found it to be a good way to learn and practice with 3D Coat. Overall there are a few things I am uncertain about, for example. What is the deal with not being able to remove paint layer 0 in painting, and are there ways to reset it to default other than just exporting the sculpt and then reimport it into a new project? Also, what kind of workflow is common when sculpting in 3D Coat start to finish? I sort of miss being able to step down in subdivisions to do large structural changes without destroying details I have done on the higher subdivisions. I also stream most of my sculpting/3d related sessions on Sywork, so please do take a peek if you are feeling bored or just want to laugh at how horrible I am! https://sywork.tv/channel/name/morgannilsson Happy sculpting! Best regards //Morgan
  16. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

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