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  1. Hey. I've seen several of the tutorials using the Axial tool, but it appears that there isn't a true Axial Symmetry function in 3DC. The minute I click on Axial, it duplicates the Voxel layer, instead of simply letting me sculpt on that one object/layer with radial symmetry. Am I missing something?
  2. Hello! Playing around with 3d coat for the first time, I've created a face in zbrush, and now I'm looking to retopo and uv it. I've managed to finish the retopo version (the retopo tools were VERY nice to work with) with x symmetry turned on, it looks something like this: Here's the part I'm unsure of. I'd like to "commit" to the symmetry, and have one full mesh. (Similar to doing a duplicate of the half, mirror, and merge in other 3d apps). I tried out hitting the "Symmetry" button, which gives me these results, as you can see some of the edges along the symmetry line are no longer visible: With the UV Mark seams too, I can highlight edges that should be there, but no visual feedback indicates I've selected anything. Selecting the edges I can see turn green. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. heyas guys; i didn't like the results i was getting from AUTOPO, so i started retpologizing by hand. a good learning experience. :X i have a model that is made up of repeating elements (holes through a bar). so i thought i would build one segment, and then copy that segment where the other holes are. even smarter, i thought i would build 1/4 of the segment, then mirror the top to bottom, the front to back, and then the side to side, to get the whole piece. i have discovered clone. and i scaled the clone of the first 1/4 to -100% to get a vertically mirrored copy. the edges aren't perfectly straight, and the bottom edge of the top piece is overlapping the top edge of the bottom piece. even if i merge the two retopo groups together. so: how do i weld vertices? or how do i weld chunks of retopo to each other... without drawing more polygons between them? i got the vertices all into alignment with the transform tool. but the two pieces still think they are separate. they're all one retopo group, just... two different colours. :/
  4. It would be great to have the ability to have 3D Coat identify unsymmetrical areas via an automatic paint that could essentially not only show where you have regions like that, but also to be able to ignore those areas when doing retopo/paint work.
  5. Hello. I ran into a slight problem. When adding objects and merging them to a scene. Is it possible after merging two objects at the symmetry line to adjust their distance from the line after? It allows during placement. All I noticed was if they are separate instances only 1 can be moved at a time unless they are joined as one then they both move. Also I made a very slight mistake when I merged two objects to form as one. I must of had symmetry off or something because I noticed a slight out of symmetry mistake, somehow. Is it possible to make a mesh not symmetrized into one? It's no big problem and the slight mesh deformation won't affect animation at all.
  6. Hi I've imported an object with UVs and about 10 sub-objects. I've taken it into the paint room, which works great, and is very fast and responsive. I was wondering if there's a way to access the "surface" tools? The paint room tools are a little wanting. I really miss crease edges, and the scrape/flatten tool works in a much more interesting way. By the way I reported a bug that I might as well mention here. It seems like the flatten tool works very differently on different areas of my model. The UV's a pretty even. It seems related to the colours of the normal map. Red and blue directions paint fine, but green directions result in massive depth when painting flatten. Very strange Also, for some reason my object was imported off center, so there's no symmetry which is a bit of a problem (I imported it as an .lwo). thanks Olly
  7. Hi I have a little question about the symmetry in the Retopo Room. I always work on the "wrong" side. Not sure why, maybe it is from the work in other apps. But is there a way to make the "wrong" side of the symmetry in X, to the correct side? I know i could use the flip option on the symmetry, so that the wrong side is the correct side, but i have always to flip it on every startup of 3d coat. Any help or idea would be nice. Regards Malo
  8. heyas, guys! still watching hours of tutorials and demos (thanks!)... have some newbie questions that i hope haven't been asked 100 times before. PS: i'm using 4beta14a1GL 1: Smooth Tool how come sometimes this aggressively melts the model down to nothing, and sometimes it barely does ANYthing? i've tried different strengths, sizes... it just usually ends up doing the opposite of what i want? (ie: melting my mesh when i want a faint little adjustment, or barely doing anything noticeable when i want the mesh to melt.) 2: Pinch Tool & Creases the pinch tool isn't behaving the way i expect. not sure if this would be a bug or feedback/complaint. it pulls the mesh together in the middle, but it also creates a dent around the stroke. i don't want the indentation. i tried to make a crease by using the extrude tool (inverse mode, of course), with a sharp pointy brush tip. that created a decent little trench. but then i wanted the pinch tool to pinch the sides of the trench together to make a skinnier trench, it actually made a wider, yet shallower trench. so what's a technique for creating creases? 3: Tools that Go into Voxel Mode i threw some presets on the preset floater. the move tool, and the translate tool. sometimes when i switch to the translate tool, it pops up and says "This preset will switch your [sic] to voxel mode." sometimes it doesn't. sometimes the move tool makes this pop up. the thing is, i thought i was IN voxel mode and never left it. i haven't switched anything to surface mode. that i know of? i'm not using the tools in the surface subsection. i never change room tabs. nothing ever pops up and tells me i'm leaving voxel mode, or entering surface mode. 4: Translating in Symmetry how come this tool doesn't obey symmetry? like, say if i paint in a sphere for an eyeball, and i want to move the eyeballs closer to the centerline. i don't want to smush them or parts of them over with the move tool, i want to actually translate them side to side. but the translate tool appears in the middle of the two eyes. and even if i move it to one side of the centerline or the other, it just moves both sides in the same direction. 5: Mannikin Parts Symmetry on different Layers i wanted to turn the humanoid mannikin into a digigrade mannikin. so i was monkeying around with the left lower leg. and the stuff i did there didn't translate to the right lower leg, because it was on a different layer. except the posing tool, which affected both parts. can someone explain the different symmetries going on? and give me some pointers on how to edit the shin, then duplicate (clone?) it to make the shank, and then how to get the corresponding right side parts? i found the clone command, but there are different clones that weren't explained very well on the wiki, and i'm not sure which ones are linked clones and which are just independent copies? thanks a bunch!
  9. Is there a way to move the symmetry plane in the Voxel room? I have an object that, for some reason, has it's symmetry plane way off into space.
  10. Hello guys, Is it possible to make symmetric a per pixel painting with a chosen symmetry plan? I found the stamp with symmetry very helpful , but i would really need an option that allow us to sym like the voxel modeling tools. Thank you in advance for your help. Pixo
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