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  1. Hi, I've recently bought 3D Coat, and I'm exploring this wonderful 3D tool. Coming from ZBrush, I miss a mask / selection option among the voxel tools, but discovered that the Pose tool is quite a competent alternative. I'm wondering now — Is there an option to inflate a Pose tool selection? That'd be very useful to expand areas along their normals. Thanks, Metin
  2. Thanks for the great new leaves feature on the Tree tool! Would love it if we could lock the seed of the tree shape. Sometimes I just want to change the branch length or thickness, and when using the new leaves option (which is amazing BTW) I just want to change the leaf scale or density, but every time I make any changes, it generates a new tree seed, and I lose the tree design I had and really liked. I think this would make the tree tool so much more usable for artists. Keep up the amazing work! -Alex
  3. Hi @AndrewShpagin Please check this issue with a perfomance on PowerSmooth Tool Steps - import model, select 2K Texture, paint wtih a big radius. And you will see bad FPS = 1-3, with small radius it 70-100FPS I tested it on 3080 with 16Gb VRam and the latest build - 3DCoat-2022-46 For example in Mudbox 2023 - everything is fast, even with a very big radius... and 4K Texture. If needed - I will record a video example with it perfomance. Video with an issue: power_smooth_tool_issue.mp4 Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew. Plane.fbx
  4. Hey everyone! Newbie sculptor and 3DCoat user here. After closing and opening my program the sphere tool always creates a flat-ish circle now. No matter what brush or lasso i use it all comes out distorted. Any help on what i may of accidently changed?
  5. Hi, I have a bit of an issue with curves tool. I've created custom spline which is part o snake body, with different scales pattern on the front part and back part. Now, is there any way to apply this spline with just one aproach, without any weird bends and twists or am I forced to edit each curve point to make it right?
  6. Hey folks, Just a quick question. I love using the stamp, click and drag with the alpha on the brush to create interesting forms when making concepts. My only issue is that I can never drag beyond the limits of the mesh. By that I mean, if I click a point to start my stamp and drag out it works fine as long as my cursor is over mesh. Once it leaves that area and essentially is over the background my stamp disappears. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. Hi guys, I know probably this is a easy thing but cant figure out how to fix it. In voxel mode when i change materials to use someone more confortable for sculpting the pose tool has no longer the colorfull gradient but a grey one. Its harder like this to see how its working.
  8. There appears to be no way to invert the cutoff tool, except by pressing shift. However, that also makes it draw a perfect circle (if you're using a circle spline) and I would rather use an oblong, inverted cutoff. How do you do this?
  9. Hey! During last months I'm using 3D Coat mostly for 3D printing, which seems to be the best tool for fast prototyping and merging stuff. Unfortunately my printer is NOT the top quality device. When I create accurate models it always adds 0,15mm of material to each side. It happens because it's hard to keep proper thickness of heated plastic pouring from the nozzle. Now... my solution is to create stuff with dimensions lowered by 0,15mm on each side and it works, but I would prefer to: design proper dimensions (so i can reuse it in better printers later); save file; shrink all walls on normals directions by 0,15mm; export to STL; be happy with proper print; There is Extrude option that "inflates" object. I've tried Extrude with negative values but it creates ugly geometry. One of the silly workarounds is to Subtract component in a cube, creating something like a mold. Then extruding it by amount you want and subtracting our "mold" from another cube. This way you get thinner model in every place. Is there any tool that can do something like inverted-extrude?
  10. Hi, The Sphere tool has become one of my favorite 3D Coat tools, but I've got a question: Until recently, I could simply click once on a surface to add or subtract one sphere from the surface, using the Sphere tool. But since a few sessions I need to start dragging first to add or subtract a sphere. I've tried switching off and on the Draw From First Point option and the Cubic Interpolation option, but to no effect. I also tried different stroke types, but it all doesn't work to get back the one-click result. Did I maybe (de)activate some mode or option that might have caused this behaviour of the Sphere tool? Thanks, Metin
  11. Hi, I'm discovering the Import tool to quickly create copies of an object on the surface of an other object, but somehow I managed to get a constant distance from the main object, and I can't get rid of the distance. I've tried the Shift option, but that doesn't help enough. How can I solve this? I've included a screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Hi, How can you achieve smooth curvature in the Text tool result (voxels or surface) ? If you hit Apply in a layer with more than a million polygons, the text contours remain visibly jagged, like in a low-res voxel resolution. Thanks, Metin
  13. Hi all, I really like Sketch Tool in 3D Coat. In fact, I made a fairly popular tutorial about it on youtube. But it is really buggy I've tested it numerous times with different voxel density and scale but it's always unpredictable. So when I hit "apply" sometimes I get the full sketch but more often I get it filled by 20% or none at all. I've ticked and unticked all the boxes in the tool as well, desperately trying to get it working. I think this tool has got some amazing potential and it beats shadowbox in Zbrush on many levels (and I've made video about Zbrush shadowbox as well) But it is just unusable. I can spend 10 minutes sketching without a possibility of applying it. I hope something can be done about it. Cheers, Anton
  14. Hi again, I had another suggestion in mind, concerning the lasso tool in 3d coat. The two lassos are really effective, I use it pretty much the same way I use the lasso tool ("stroke lasso") and the polygonal lasso tool ( Vertex Lasso) in Photoshop. It is great for people like me who learned photoshop years before they discovered 3d coat. What is really intereseting with photoshop is that you can do an unperfect/curvy selection with the lasso tool and then switch (without deselecting) to the polygonal tool by just maintaining alt. Two big advantages : -you can "rest" at any point when making a stroke with the lasso. As long as you maintain alt, your selection is not closed. This is great for complex selections. -you can make selections that are both freehand and polygonal (I attached a screenshot of a selection made this way in Photoshop). I think it would be a great add
  15. Hello, I have been playing with the cut off tool, which is super quick and efficient if you use custom shapes. I find that using custom shapes (via the "load shape" button in stroke mode) gives far better results that cutting of with a stencil of the same shap, the cut is sharper, less "aliased" and it's fun and quick to place it, rotate it etc.. But reloading the shape each time is not a great workflow. Maybe Instead of having to open the stroke mode, click on load shape, select the shape or spline in a folder and then resizing, and then finally cutting through the volume with our custom shape, it would be great to add the custom shape once and for all maybe via a thumbnail in the stroke mode window, or in a library on the side (like the one with stencils) ?
  16. Hi guys, I've been using 3d-coat for a while now and I've come to learn alot about how it works and figured out most of the issues I've encountered. Now the only issue I've got left is that whenever I change tools from Grow to Cut or Transform or any other tool, I get a 4 or 5 second delay and it's really disruptive to my workflow. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it? I'm using space bar (quick change menu) to swap tools. The only solution I've come up with so far is deleting my documents folder (the 3D-Coat folder) and re-entering my serial key. Please help! (I've also tried about 50 different client versions.. so that's really not the issue here)
  17. This is a bug: when I used the pose tool it suddenly put tons of holes in my mesh but only in surface mode. The tool works fine in voxel mode.
  18. Hello forum, this is my first post so excuse me for my realy stupid question ) So, I tried to repeat this lessin about masking and freezing. But I can't find stamp preview window just like in attached photo. In video - when lector choose Fill tool, that window shows automatically - but not in my case. My config: version 4.7.11(GL64) MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 (16B2555) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)
  19. http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2198 http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2196 http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2195 I have only one question really. Does anyone actually use it?
  20. Hi guys recently I upgraded to the 4.5.19 version of 3dCoat and whenever I change my tool of use, wether I click on the voxel tool or press my shortcut, it has a delay of around three seconds to change to my desired tool. Does anyone else have this problem in 4.5 and more importantly, does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Sebastian. Currently have tried all 4 different 3DCoat exe's and they all seem to be doing the same thing.
  21. I am using the pinch tool with the curve strokes setting. I use this setup often, and I'm seeing some strange behavior. I lay down a curve, press enter. The pinch happens on the back side of the model, not under the curve stroke. I have checked the e panel setting, turned off smooth back faces, turned on and off ignore back faces, still getting super odd results. Also turned on and off the Invert Tool checkbox... I am working with a 3d scan, multiple parts, in both voxel and surface mode. I thought this might have something to do with my issue, but if I use the pinch tool with any other "brush" e panel setting, it works fine. If I use the curve strokes in either voxel or surface- same problem... Seems like the curve strokes setting might be broken? Or maybe a setting I'm not familiar with? Thanks in advance! 4.5.28 (CUDA) (DX64) win 7 64
  22. Hi Guys just wondering if anyone knows why I get this dark line in my geometry when using the pose tool? If I try to pose/move the selected area, it just poses one side of the geometry and not the other.
  23. Hello comunity , i start to use 3d coat 4.5 , and i was making a model but i couldnt find the tool CLOTH , i cant see it in the panel of tools Could anyone help me whit this problem in 3d coat 4.5 ? thanks!
  24. I select the transform tool, The pick by click option is checked, when i click on a volume in the view-port, nothing happens, the transform does not change its target and i volume selection does not change. What could i be doing wrong thanks
  25. Hello, I've been trying to get the Cut and Clone tool to actually do what the description says, but I think I'm missing something. No matter what I do, the tool will cut the selected area out completely and simply leave a hole when I move around the part I wanted to clone to a new layer. It will also not merge it to the new layer I've selected. It will delete the rest of the mesh, leaving me with just the cut part and a new empty layer. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
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