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Found 13 results

  1. So I'm using the Strokes tool: and I'm drawing lines with my mouse/tablet pen like this: Now sometimes I accidentally make a straight line by clicking OUTSIDE the object and dragging but I want to do it within the bounds of what I'm retopo-ing. How is this done? Note: I know to use Shift for 45 degree and straight lines but this isn't what I want in this particular case!
  2. Hi! I´m trying to achieve the following process: 1. I have a character build out of several mesh-parts. Some of the extras intersect the main mesh. Each Mesh has a good topology+UV and is well textured with diffuse, normal maps etc. 2. Now I need this multi mesh character fused into a single mesh with no "inner parts" just one single closed shell mesh. 3. While fusing I want to keep as much of the old topology as possible, as it is a well made topology. Perfect would be if only the new connection meshes that are necessary to build the new shell mesh are fused into the existing ones. 4. I want to bake the different UVs into one and keep all textures incl. normal maps etc. in there original place fitting to the new fused shell mesh. Now my questions: 1. Is this process achievable in 3dcoat (or another tool)? If yes then are there any tutorials on that or what are the main steps/functions to use? 2. If not all of the wishlist is possible, which of the steps are possible? And for the non achievable parts: Are there workarounds? Thanks! Sascha
  3. TallBhoy

    Need help on using AUTOPO

    Hi there, I'm about as beginner as it gets when it comes to 3D Coat and I'm currently exploring the AUTOPO tool. I've watched a few tutorials and read a few guides but I'm still getting some sloppy results and was wondering if anyone would be able to offer some advice on where I'm going wrong. Here is an album including pics of my original model with the strokes I used, the best AUTOPO results I could get, the settings I am using aswell as the original mesh within 3ds Max. As you can see the topology I am getting is quite messy and one of the feet is basically missing. I also tried to use a symmetry plane but whenever I click the button nothing happens. Any sort of help would be much appreciated, thanks. Also in case anyone was wondering I am aware the model is lacking a neck, eyes and mouth because on the final model they will be obscured by a large beard and eyebrows so I never bothered modelling them .
  4. oppne

    [Solved] Auto Retopo !

    Hi guys! So i have some small issues, where ever i try to retopologize these meshes, some weird shit happends and it doesnt do it well! So i have used it a bit, and it has worked fine for other less complex stuff. So i know i would get some work here, at some point i got it fine, non the less, alot of bad topology! So, its probably just me doing something wrong! I tried jucing up the different settings, and yeah, but the thing is this: I took it into maya (3d model animation software) and seperated all meshes, removed them, closed holes and took it back, got then the result from the seconds picture! Which was better.
  5. Hi people! There is one thing i hate - when im working with a topology i often drag its' points. In 4.5 release dragging mode been changed (img submitted). Is there any way to disable this "jumping" of points?!! Disabling snapping mode is not appropriate 'cause the points start fly away from the surface. Thanks for support!
  6. worldcrafter

    [Solved] 3DC to mudbox

    Hello, can a fellow mud-box user tell me how i export a high poly mesh from 3DC to mud box with correct topology? (so i am able to subdivide it in mudbox)
  7. Hi again! Im not sure if my problem is a regular bug but i got it happened not once! After creating some topology on a voxel model i decided to make some changes to a voxel model and made it. When i return to my Retopo room i see my retopo mesh is broken and replaced to noone knows where... The only way to fix it that i found is to import old retopo mesh from previous saved file. So, if its a regular problem, is there any way to add some kind of block to retopo groups to prevent any changes if i am done here? thanks! Its my little wish to creators
  8. MartianGirl

    [Solved] Retopology and Layers

    Hi everyone, Very newb question- I have been retopologizing a character with different parts, head, body, hands, hat etc and I don't understand the reopo group layers. I read the information in the pdf but it didn't answer my question. How do I get a piece of new topology created hidden, so I can retopo a part that is underneath? Thank you in advance Martian Girl
  9. Added minor details and retopologized the model. Let me know what you think of the topology flow for a game. If anyone is interested I am involved in a game development project; small team and early stages. Skyward Haven http://www.drakeprism.com/signup/
  10. worldcrafter

    Retopo efficiency for games

    For games where the model will be converted into tris and use a texture and normal-map, Is it more efficient to use separated topology like this (22 tris) Or joined topology like this (28 tris) ??? and why
  11. worldcrafter

    Retopology not showing correctly

    I saved my project , and when i came back to it the green coloured re-topology is now just black line which i cant join/atactch more topology to. how do i change it back?
  12. cgiUK

    Retopo help

    I have been playing around with the retopo and autopo tools with some success on organic shapes but seem to be having problems with hardbody shapes. Could anyone help me with in particular maintaining good edges (sharp edges, 90degree beveled etc.) Thanks
  13. alvordr

    How Would You Handle This?

    Hello all. I have a bucket that I made some time back with 3ds Max and brought into Mudbox. I painted it and render it out and put it into the UDK. It was OK for the time I had to do it, but now I want to try my hand at voxelizing it in 3DC and going through the motions. I have sculpted in details in the Voxel Room, but any time I Autoretopo this, it's aweful. Am I stuck with doing this one by hand? Voxelized Bucket: Autoretopo Problem: