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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I just found the 3D Coat and I'm very excited about its painting/baking capabilities, but I'm still struggling a lot with some very basic tasks like manipulating imported objects. I have created a house in Blender and imported it to 3D Coat (it contains multiple objects, walls, floor, doors, etc). Now I need to select all objects and rotate them, lets say 90deg around Y axis. In Blender I can just select all and type R Y 90 ENTER and I'm done. How can I do something like this in 3D Coat? I have found there is some Select/Transform tool in Tweak Room, but i can't use it precisely, so... 1) How can I select multiple objects for transform tool? 2) How can I rotate the selected objects by given exact angle (eg. 45deg, 90deg, etc)? PS: I know I could have exported the objects already rotated from Blender, but I want to learn how to use 3D Coat properly and there might be other reasons to rotate objects precisely :-) Thank you in advance
  2. Hi there! Is it possible to scale objects by 2 axes at the same time with "transform" or anyhow else?
  3. I'm currently using the Move tool in Retopo room and every time I move a vert,edge, or face it seems to move it in screen-space which becoming annoying. It moves within or too far outside of my Reference mesh. I have to keep on moving the camera around the selection to get it where I have to move. I've tried with Auto Snap with all three options but that only works sometimes. Is there a way to lock the movement to an axis like x,y, or z within the Move tool? I've also tried using the Select tool but that seems to be slow in selection. If I select a couple of edges then use the Transform tool to move in an axis, but then want to add more edges or remove edges from my selection I have to hit Esc key to return to Select and then hit Tranform to continue moving. Seems like if even that process was seamless that it would go much faster. For example, just combining the ability to select subobjects and use the Transform tool or with the Move tool holding shift,ctrl-shift,alt-shift to lock the movement of the subobjects to an axis. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm new to 3Dcoat and was just wondering something about the free form primitives. Is there a quick way to select multiple points, or edges, on the lattice?
  5. Hey guys, I'm just playing around with 3D-Coat and try to figure out all relevant features for my workflow. One thing I couldn't find anywere is the ability to rotate the object and save the rotation values to reset them after editing. My intention is to edit reconstructed data from Agisoft Photoscan. Therefore I import a model into 3D-Coat and eliminate all the bad areas using the voxel mode. The problem is that I'm not able to align the model properly in Agisoft Photoscan (Standard) so when I export it, it has really weird scaling and rotation, which is really hard to work with. So I want to temporary align the model and after cleaning up all the bad issues bring it back to Agisoft Photoscan to re-project all textures. That's why I need to leave the rotation of the model as it is. Maybe somebody can give me a hint? Greetings
  6. I select the transform tool, The pick by click option is checked, when i click on a volume in the view-port, nothing happens, the transform does not change its target and i volume selection does not change. What could i be doing wrong thanks
  7. Hello all! My name is Petra. I‘m a newbie to 3D-Coat. I‘m also pretty old, so my learning curve is a bit flattened ;-) Over the last years I did all my modelling in C4D (a program which I love dearly), but when I saw the retopo and UV-layout tools of 3D-coat, I just had to download the free trial which I find quite impressive!!! So now I‘m testing the application to find out if I want to buy the software. After a bit of manual reading and tutorial watching, I‘m trying to build my first model with 3D-coat to somehow make sense of the unfamiliar workflow. I already found out, that I will have a lot of questions on the way and I‘m hoping, that I will find some help here:-) On the technical side - I‘m an Apple user: Mac Pro Processor 2 x 2,66 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Memory 24 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ECC Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) Here is my first question: I started the project (a deer) by placing reference-images on the x- and y- planes. Works wonderfully but now that the images are in place, I can't seem to get rid of the transform-widget. I tried to use "camera/background/edit image placement", hoping this would toggle the display - it does not. Do you have a hint for me? With friendly greetings from Schmölau (Germany) Petra
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