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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone I wanted to render a turntable in 3DCoat, but I noticed that when I set the number of rays to anything higher than 50, and sometimes if I try to render in a higher resolution like 4752x2886 the render fails. It does render the whole thing, but when the save folder opens, either the video is not there or it has 0KB and can't be opened. I can't find any solutions anywhere and I don't know if it's the program or my hardware. Is there some kind of size limit on what you can render?
  2. Hi there! Wasn't sure if this was a bug, feature or settings option, but after rendering a turntable of hundreds of frames, it deletes the entire directory with all the images as soon as the list image is finished rendering. but does write out and .mp4 movie. It's nice to have the .mp4 video, but I'd like to keep the image sequence as well. I may need to re-render a section in the middle or the end, but currently the whole directory goes away. I've even tried rendering on a few frames, and the same thing happens. I'm running version .41, but not sure if this was happening in .39 or .40 as well. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to use 3DCoat to render turntables and I'm hitting some annoying limitations. First of all - how do you set rotation center? Is it fixed at world/item center? There's no visual cue. Secondly - output path. When I set 3DC to saving image sequence I can't specify folder outside "RenderedImages" folder (also can't specify naming scheme pattern). Pretty annoying. Is there any way around that?
  4. I know how to render the jpegs required for an animation within 3DC. However I'm curious what application you use to create the animated gif or avi? I have Photoshop CC 2017 and it can create an animated gif. But with 360 jpegs rendered by 3DC it would be quire labor intensive to load each jpeg as a layer in Photoshop and then load each layer as a frame. I know Photoshop has a script to load many jpgs as a layer, so that really isn't the problem. I did search for a PS action to convert many layers but found nothing. Can anyone recommend a good, free app? Cheers
  5. Hi folks, I was up last last nice simply trying to make some turnable animations of some asteroids I'm messing around with for a game. Being a 2D game, I figured, I could voxel together some nice looking astroid objects, render out a quick 36-frame turnable animation and use it for testing in an a quick 2D scene. I created a 512x512 custom sized render area and centered the "rock" within the window. Thinking it would be easy, I set the view to orthographic, and shift-rotated the rock to the Front view. I save the scene as "Frame00". Next shift-rotated the scene for the Left, Back, and Right views again saving the associated scenes. I checked Render Frame Sequence, specified 36 for the number of frames clocked Render Animation. After selecting the first saved file, and specifying again 36 for the number of frames, the program begins rendering the turnable. Everything goes great up to the last set of 9-frames - instead of continuing on to the last (Front) view again, the model reversed and quickly rotates backwards to the starting frame again??? I've even tried creating Camera Shortcuts and also turned on "Closed Spline" hoping it would complete the "circle". I realize that it's the interpolation of the rotation that is causing it to what?, take the shortest path back to the first frame, but then how are others creating these turntables? I tried rotating using 45-degree angles, which is painful compared to just shift-rotating to get the correctly locked views. What the HECK am I doing wrong - why can't I create a simple turntable? Any suggestions are appreciated! -Will
  6. I have a few questions that have been puzzling me for several days now: Retopo Room: How to hide a wire-frame that lies on back faces? If you look at the first image, you can clearly see that the wire-frame is still visible even though it should be obscured by polygons in the foreground. It doesn't matter how transparent I set the retopo mesh to be. Render Room: Is it possible to move the DOF plane or scale it? When there's a large model to be rendered, the DOF plane appears to small. This means I cannot accurately set my camera focus on the eyes for example (see: second image). Also, if only a part of the model is to be rendered (with the rest of it hidden), like a head, then after closing up on it, you can't even tell how the focus is set because the DOF plane is completely out of sight. Render Room: How do I set a centre of rotation for turntable renders? Is it always at zero world coordinates? Is it possible to set it to model's centre of mass or to a custom location? Can anyone help?
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