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Found 63 results

  1. Hi at all. I am searching for some good hard surface texturing tutorials for 3d coat, but it seems i cant find some. All that i find are for Photoshop or other apps. I watched it, but i cant reproduce the learned in 3d coat. Sometimes it is a to big difference. Did anybody know some one? Regards Malo
  2. Recorded video tutorial on creating a knife. Part 1 Part 2 Files to the tutorial Part 1 (Knife Modeling In 3D CoatKnife Modeling In 3D Coat) - http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=15373 Part 2 (Knife Modeling In 3D Coat - New Hilt) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/malmlzf95rf5pz4/Tutorial_Knife_v2.rar My topic in the Russian-language section http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15442 Welcome
  3. This is a fairly detailed tutorial that follows step by step the retopology techniques I use to produce a baked low poly garment. The garment was created using 3D Coat's cloth tool so if you would like to see a tutorial that covers how to make similar items of clothing, just let me know and I'll set one up. I use blender for it's powerful modifier to achieve a task that would normally take a VERY long time without it. The results could have been cleaned up a lot more and several extra extrusion steps / subdivides put in place to ensure that it was a more usable finished result, however I believe that the finished product would work well for most games. Well, I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, I wasn't able to locate any other tutorials that cover this workflow I demonstrate and thought it's something the community could really benefit from. Thanks, Jax n.b. The video will be live in 6 Hours Time as it runs for 50 Minutes and covers all the steps from start of retopology right through to a finished baked version of the pants.
  4. Hey Guys, Just letting everyone know we are having a $9 Dollar Video Sale all our Video Tutorials at: http://www.learn3dsoftware.com We have dozens and dozens of tutorials for Lightwave, 3D Coat, ZBrush and Modo. The Sale ends when we have sold over 500 videos. Have a Great Weekend!!
  5. Hey Guys, With 3D Coat Version 4 being released I've a created a super discounted 3D Coat Version 3 video training bundle. http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/3dc_version_3_complete_collection.htm It come with all 15 titles created in 3D Coat 3.5 to 3.7. Hours and hours of detailed training covering: Voxel Sculpting, Retopology, Autoretopology, Normal Maps, Displacement Maps, Color Maps, Painting with Photos, Paint Tools, Brushes, Alpha Brushes and full Project Based Tutorials. The Project Based Tutorials include: Dinosaur Detailing, Voxel Sculpting a Dragon, Elephant Detailing, Female Character Texturing and Sci-Fi Detailing a Space Fighter. The ultimate collection to get you started using this powerful piece of software.
  6. I'm really looking for the Banshee video but the Scorpion would be nice as well. Thanks for your time, DragonFrog
  7. New Tutorial- 3D Coat 3.7-StarFighter Detailing Volume #2 -Color Maps http://www.learn3dso..._color_maps.htm In this training video Instructor Adam Gibson shows how to detail a Spacefighter model that was created in Lightwave using 3D Coat's powerful normal mapping and painting tools. Learn how to take simple models and create complex surface geometry like Sci-Fi panels, vents, pipes, rivets, and all kinds of gadgets and nurnies. In this second volume on Color Maps you will learn how create realistic looking weathered down hull along with battle damage. Grunge, Dirt, Corrosion, Dirt Streaks, Laser Blast /Battle Damage. Tips and tricks on how to use the different brush types along with alpha brush collections is covered in great detail. The concepts learned from this video can be used for all sorts of other projects like machinery, vehicles of all types, and architecture. Great for detailing hard surface models, but not limited to. You can also apply what you learned for organic objects as well. Also included is a Free Alpha Brush Collection created by Lightwave Artist "Kevin Phillips". This a Grunge and Weathering Alpha Brush set that is perfect for Sci-Fi detailing. Table of Contents for Volume #1-Normal Maps Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Adding a Base Metal Layer Chapter 3- Adding a New Paint Dirt Layer Chapter 4- Paint Brush Alphas Chapter 5- Layer Blending and Layer Emboss Chapter 6- Paint Chipped Panels Chapter 7- Painting the Vents Chapter 8- Dirt Between the Panels Chapter 9- Blaster Tip Burns Chapter 10- Dirt Streaks Chapter 11- Stains Chapter 12- Blast and Damage Marks Chapter 13- Corrosion Chapter 14- How to Export Color and Normal Maps from 3D Coat Chapter 15- Importing the Spacefighter into Lightwave's Layout with all Maps Chapter 16- Final Render in Lightwave Running Time: 3 hrs. 53 min. High Quality (Screen-Res:1920 x 1080 pixels) MP4 Video Level: Beginner & Up
  8. alvordr

    Tutorials Too Complex?

    No offense to anyone here who has taken the time to create tutorials for us. They're generally very well done. However, am I the only one that feels like there is too much complexity in them to really get a basic grasp of how 3DC works internally? I'm still struggling with how to get from room to room in this thing. I find various issues that are either bugs, or more likely...something I'm not doing correctly. I would be more than happy to create tutorials myself, but I'm not the one to do this just yet. What I think would help is not to worry about making a complex mesh in these tutorials, but just to demonstrate the task or method or tool or functionality using something simple, like a box. I find that by the time we've gotten to the core of the tutorial, so much has been covered I'm lost in how we started or somewhere in between. I also find that because so much is covered, some seemingly insignificant detail gets left out that stops the whole process for someone who has never used this program before. Another thing I think would help is to have a "Send to Paint Room," or "Send to UV Room" button, etc. I realize there is a workflow for this, but I look at the "Merge with..." options under the Retopo menu and there are 9 options, none of which make much sense to me. All I particularly care about is getting the high poly details projected to a low poly mesh or simply ensuring my mesh is quadified, so that I can paint it and get it into a game, or render engine of my choice. I don't want to come across as complaining, as I really like this program a lot and very much appreciate the work that everyone has done here. I just think it shouldn't be taking this long to get to the core functions that I bought it for.
  9. Hi friends. This information is for everyone who is not reading my blog: I've posted a new tutorial video some days ago on my YouTube channel. In the free video you will learn how to import a texture to be used as layer transparency information (Alpha channel) inside 3D Coat. At the moment actually it is not possible to import alpha informations directly into 3D Coat but I show a short workaround to do it anyway. Additionally I explain how to paint flexible alpha information and how the "Linked layer" function helps here. You will find it here: http://www.youtube.c...ladiator/videos Best wishes Chris
  10. Hey everyone, we're Mixamo. We just put together a great tutorial on how to use Mixamo and 3D Coat for amazing results. It's now easier than ever before to get animation on your 3D Coat characters using our Auto-Rigging and Animation services! Let us know what you think. Cheers, -Mixamo
  11. I am a newbie, please give me a video tutorial of making a sword, with subtitle I hope (Im not english), Kind sword like in Dota 2, Thanks,,
  12. Hey Guys, Just wanted to announce that Learn3DSoftware.com is having a $7 sale on all older 3D Coat 3.5 video tutorials until April 7th. http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/quick_pick_list_Apr_1_2012.htm 3D Coat Titles 1) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Photo Painting I- $7.00 2) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Photo Painting II- $7.00 3) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Painting Color- $7.00 4) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Normal and Displacement Maps- $7.00 5) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Voxel Sculpting:Project Dragon- $7.00 6) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-UV Mapping- $7.00 7) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Retopology I- $7.00 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus- $7.00 9) 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Auto-Retopology- $7.00 Lightwave Titles 1) Dinosaur Sub-D Modeling- $7.00 2) Dinosaur UV Mapping- $7.00 3) Spacecraft Modeling- $7.00 4) Surfacing for Beginners Volume #1- $7.00 5) Surfacing for Beginners Volume #2- $7.00 6) Surfacing for Beginners Volume #3- $7.00 7) Advanced UV Mapping Volume #1- $7.00 Advanced UV Mapping Volume #2- $7.00 9) Modeler Volume #1- $7.00 10) Modeler Volume #2- $7.00 11) Modeler Volume #3- $7.00 12) Modeler Volume #4- $7.00 13) Modeler Volume #5- $7.00 14) Modeler Volume #6- $7.00 15) Rigging a T-Rex with Skelegons- $7.00 16) Rigging a T-Rex with Bones- $7.00 17) Animating a Tyrannosaurus- $7.00 18) Sci-Fi Modeling-Interiors Hallways and Corridors- $7.00 19) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #1- $7.00 20) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #2- $7.00 21) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3- $7.00 22) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #4- $7.00 23) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #5- $7.00 24) LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #6- $7.00 25) ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #1-How to Paint Color- $7.00 26) ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #2-Normal Maps- $7.00 27) ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #3-Displacement Maps- $7.00 ZBrush Titles 1) ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Painting Color- $7.00 2) ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Normal Maps- $7.00 3) ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Displacement Maps- $7.00 4) ZBrush 4- ZApp Link Plugin- $7.00 5) ZBrush 3.1 Creature Sculpting- $7.00 6) ZBrush 3.1 Creature Head Detailing- $7.00 7) ZBRUSH 3.5 -UV Unwrapping-"Mastering UV Master"- $7.00 Modo Titles 1) Modo 501 Painting Color-The Essentials- $7.00 2) Modo 501 Modeling Tools(Volume #1)- $7.00 3) MODO 501-Retopology- $7.00 4) MODO 501-Dinosaur UV Mapping- $7.00 Photoshop Titles 1) Photoshop CS4-Basic Training- $7.00 2) Photoshop CS4-Seamless Textures- $7.00 Model Pack 1) Dinosaur Mega-Pack (Over 40 Dinosaurs)- 49.00 http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/quick_pick_list_Apr_1_2012.htm Thanks Again for all the Great Support from the 3D Coat Community!! Adam Gibson:)
  13. Happy New Year to All, Those of you who are interested in some Free Beginner Tutorials for 3D Coat, Lightwave and other Software Packages can visit our You-Tube Channel for hours and hours of mini-tutorials at the link below. http://www.youtube.com/user/Learn3dSoftware ------------------------------------------------------------- We are also have a New Years Special at Learn3DSoftware.com All training videos are only $10 each until Jan.15th http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/10_dollar_new_year_special.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also don't forget to check out our FREE MODEL COLLECTIONS for some nick-nacks you can use in any of your 3D projects for free. http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/window_collections.htm Happy New Year!!!