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Found 5 results

  1. Source Recent Unreal Dev Grant recipient, Pakistan-based 3rd World Studios is on a mission to produce high-quality animated features for local and international audiences, exposing a side of Pakistani culture that doesn’t get covered by the mainstream media. “Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor” is the company’s first feature film about a young Pakistani boy from the North setting off on a journey to save his friend Mehru. The 3rd World Studios leadership team has extensive experience working on AAA game titles and drew on that knowledge to develop an Unreal Engine-based film animation workflow.
  2. Hello, I have imported test model from C4D with many poly-objects inside, they all have materials across, let's say each model has general materials such as wood, chrome, black plastic, etc. So I was unwrapping it, it's all good in 3D-Coat, I did unwrap, I saw good UV island, but when I export to C4D, all objects have multiple UV tags, C4D and Unreal Engine doesn't support multiple UV tags for lighting and texturing. How to export so I going to have one solid UV tag not many separated, please help! p.s. would be good to have autro-map for many objects with option not-single-material, because right now it's only doing one UV for multiple-objects, doesn't respect Separate-Materials.
  3. is there a preferred way of exporting depth maps to the landscape. mine seem to have highly exagerated depth. im just experimenting with a map in the paint room of 505x505 then exporting from textures/export/ displacement map current layer. depth factor for saved texture is 218 but thats way way exaggerated for unreal. if i drop the opacity of the layer to zero it starts getting close but still not real straight forward having to eyeball that . Anyobe done a tutorial on this? the idea is to right click in unreal and import the depth map and be done thanks
  4. Hi guys! So i have some small issues, where ever i try to retopologize these meshes, some weird shit happends and it doesnt do it well! So i have used it a bit, and it has worked fine for other less complex stuff. So i know i would get some work here, at some point i got it fine, non the less, alot of bad topology! So, its probably just me doing something wrong! I tried jucing up the different settings, and yeah, but the thing is this: I took it into maya (3d model animation software) and seperated all meshes, removed them, closed holes and took it back, got then the result from the seconds picture! Which was better.
  5. So I know this is no small task but I would really like to be able to do sculpt and paint in VR. Why I think 3dc is the best suited is that at its core its voxel based. I can block things out and not have to think about whats going on under the hood (very much) Maybe you could get a grant from Oculus.. their 3d paint program sucks and they are worried because the Vive has tilt brush.. they snagged that while it was still in alpha. Also to be able to jump from sculpting to paint and back would be insane!!! I honestly think Oculus would help out with dev and $$ to get it done. This is some hair I was working on and thought.. "man I wish I could use a 3d tool to just put the clay where I want it.. instead I am trapped behind this wall of glass trying to manipulate 3d objects. " I know.. I know all we need is another woman with little bits of useless armor covering her tits but I loved the original drawing from Joe Mad and had to try.
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