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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering about cpu upgrade in my current build - for now, I have Ryzen 7 3700X paired with 64GB of ram, GTX 1070 Ti and a mix of nvme and ssd drives on a X570 mobo. Been wondering lately about swaping 3700X with Ryzen 9 5900X... is it worth the hassel, will there been any gains in 3d applications? I know that my GPU is kind of a bottleneck at this point, but I don't have plans for changing it anytime soon, as for me it is still a solid hardware. So, any thoughts? @AbnRanger you have some experience with Ryzens if I remember correctly?
  2. Hello, I know you guys probably hate hearing zbrush this or blender that so I'm sorry in advance. I've fallen in love with 3D coat and I want it to be the best. With that said I'd like to request a tool that is super convenient for big and small edits in both the modeling and sculpt rooms. This is a brush option that will allow the user to move all vertices that lay underneath the brush. This would be insanely useful in the modeling room where the geometry is low and predictable. Allowing the user to work in an orthographic view and affect all the geometry behind. I believe zbrush does some sort of trace the size of the brush and any vertices that arent masked are moved in screen space. If this functionality already exists let me know because I need it! Here are some youtube links of the brush inside of zbrush to use as an example Example one Example 2
  3. Hello. I would like to strictly in the modeling room (because I know the sculpt room would take a massive overhaul to implement) have Non destructive booleans. Im not sure about the memory footprint of 3d coat and how heavy it is currently but I did have an idea for implementing this. It would require new features added to the poly groups. Right now the only option you have for poly groups when right clicking is to change the color reference. You also cant parent poly groups. The ideal workflow though should be similar to zbrush where it automatically creates a new "Subtool" for you whenever you want to add more geometry. I know there is a boolean feature when using the primitive tools but this should be something that has to be triggered by the user. For me when I'm blocking out I like to add shapes quickly and I dont want to have to deal with them creating their own booleans by default anyways when I hit the apply button I would rather have something similar to every other program where booleans are something you must explicitly turn on. I do want new geometry to automatically add itself to a new poly group. Now this will require some added functionality written into the polygroups. Something similar to how the sculpt tree works in sculpt mode where you can ctrl or shift drag a layer on top of another to activate a boolean. What I think would be even cooler is if you could make a polygroup a child of another polygroup layer and have right click options on the child layer to set it to "Union, Subtractive, Intersect" This way the parent geo would know that its child is affecting it in a specific way and could render properly based on that. In theory this should allow users to move these children using the transform tools and have an update be triggered on the parent. I should also add that there should be by default no booleans when parenting on only toggled on by a right click menu. This way you could easily merge object together but still keep them housed in there own groups. I wonder if this is possible to try and implement with the scripting api's.
  4. hi i want to buy 3DCoat Professional from steam, if i buy it now ( 30 oct on ver 4.9 ) will i get 3DCoat v 5.0 as well? or should i wait for v 5.0 so i don't need to buy again or pay for upgrade, thanks
  5. Hello, If I download the newest version of 3D Coat will it wipe out all my preferences I have currently? Also, will I have to delete the old version before downloading the new one? Thank you.
  6. Hi people - I bought a copy of 3D-coat v4 and now I have upgraded to 4.7 - at what point do I have to repurchase? V5? Never?
  7. Hi people, dont know if this is the right place but my brother got the upgrade from version 3 to 4 using his credit card and he just enter a wrong email in the process and I cant get the serial for my upgrade. I wrote to support didnt get any answer yet. How can I proceed? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm owner of Mac version of 3D Coat 3.5. (really loving it!) I would like to upgrade. But since I bought 3D Coat 3.5, I have bought more faster PC. Would it be possible to upgrade into PC version?
  9. Does anyone know if I go from a Win+Mac educational license to a Pro for the $250 Educational to Pro upgrade, will that still enable me to use it on Win+Mac commercially? I'm mainly interested in responses from people who have been in this exact situation and have upgraded to pro. Thanks.
  10. So I was browsing the Steam forums and I noticed people talking about free upgrades. Is this for demo-regular version or for regular-pro and are people who purchased it on Steam eligible for the same upgrade? Any responses are GREATLY appreciated, thanks. Booyahman
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