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  1. Hi all Just thought I'd post a link to some work I did with 3DC voxels on my website. This link shows the all the characters, these were colorised in Photoshop ( done before you could add colour to voxels ) http://www.draw-it.co.uk/?project=trench-project The thumbnails on show some very quick auto retopo work done on the sculpts to get the geometry into LW. I used the mesh to position proxy versions of the characters in a virtual studio. The attached is better view of one character.
  2. Hey Guys, Just letting everyone know we are having a $9 Dollar Video Sale all our Video Tutorials at: http://www.learn3dsoftware.com We have dozens and dozens of tutorials for Lightwave, 3D Coat, ZBrush and Modo. The Sale ends when we have sold over 500 videos. Have a Great Weekend!!
  3. Greetings all, I've put together an extension for 3D Coat's Community of Voxel Sculptors to use in their projects as my way of giving back to such a wonderful and helpful group of people. I found myself constantly needing to export simple 3D Geometries so found it to be best to make a compiled list of many things I used regularly to carve in to a sculpt. Pack Details: A collection of hundreds of Negative Volume primitives for use in voxel sculpting. Types include: Chamfer Boxes, Chamfer Cylinders, Cones, Cylinders, Geo-spheres, Icosa Hedras, Octa Hedras, Spheres, Stars, Tetra Hedras, Torus, Torus Knots & Tubes. Most come with various slice options such as 90, 180 & 270 segments. Allowing for easy carving in to Voxel sculpts. Link: Download from "Others" category >>Here<< Terms of Use: Enjoy and post some screenshots if you like in the this thread when you can! Preview: Menu Previews: Chamfer Boxes Chamfer Cylinders Cones Cylinders Geospheres Icosa Hedras Octa Hedras Spheres Stars Tetra Hedras Torus Torus Knots Tubes Special thanks to Digman & Carlosan for their help getting this finished!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and to 3DCoat. I just got the trial version last week and I am SUPER impressed. I am, however, having a bit of a hard time with something. So my project will be needing a lot of fine details in it, but I have a lot of the important ones in it already. The face of this beast, for example, already has a good bit of detail. However, now I am trying to do a repeating pattern of scales that I made the alpha for in Photoshop. When I try to run the brush along the length of its snakelike body, it displaces the HECK out of everything and while the scales look good from the side (kind of), it looks like a seismograph if I rotate the view. Now my big question is, would it be at all possible to use this brush in the Voxel sculpting to get this detail, rather than the surface mod options? The surface seems to bog my computer's memory down WAY worse than Voxels, too. Or would it be possible to just apply the alpha as a bump map in this program, so I don't have to bother with exporting? :x Sorry, I looked in the Help and it didn't seem to help me that much... I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank you!
  5. hi i am making this piece in hopes that people will realize 3d coat has huge potential as an art too but needs more internal render features
  6. Hi there ! This is my new work "Earth Dragon". Maybe Vox Sculpt, Retopo, Paint in 3D-Coat, and Render in UDK. I like snake brush drawing, but instead retopology is very hard..... Thanks.
  7. Hello Everybody, i am new here- ... I started modelling a sculpture in the voxel mode. Now i want to apply colors and textures, to have a colored model. the final idea is to export a stl file which contains the mesh and color informations to upload the file to an online 3d printing service. What is most important here? thanks in advance, AHOI
  8. Hello, all. I know this topic comes up often and that there are several videos out there already that demonstrate the concept(s) / method(s). However, I sometimes find that watching one video doesn't always work to help me comprehend the topic, so I decided to create one of my own. Please consider this as a supplemental video to what is already out there. This method works for me and I hope it helps you, too. How to Import an Existing Mesh Into the Voxel Room: [NOTE: I'm not a member of Vimeo. This video is in much higher quality at Vimeo, so click on HD and then follow the direct link to Vimeo to see it more clearly.]
  9. Is there a way to mask off an area of a Voxel mesh in Voxel sculpting mode, as you can with the Freeze tool in Surface mode? I do a lot of sculpting in Voxel mode and cannot figure out how to set a mask.
  10. Hello all. I have a bucket that I made some time back with 3ds Max and brought into Mudbox. I painted it and render it out and put it into the UDK. It was OK for the time I had to do it, but now I want to try my hand at voxelizing it in 3DC and going through the motions. I have sculpted in details in the Voxel Room, but any time I Autoretopo this, it's aweful. Am I stuck with doing this one by hand? Voxelized Bucket: Autoretopo Problem:
  11. Hi. I'm not sure if this already exists, but I was making a chair with a seat cushion and pillows in 3D Coat and realized afterwards that I didn't create the cushion separate from the chair, as I did the pillows. I can go into another app and do this, but if there isn't already a way to do this in 3D Coat, can this functionality be considered, please?
  12. Ok so I bought the student (windows) version about a week ago and have been very happy with the software thus far. I'm not sure If this has already been asked or if I'm using the correct terminology, but here it goes. While I was re-arranging the interface in the Voxels room, I noticed that the view icon at the top of the toolbox (and beside the Brush pressure sub-menu) is missing. I have used the Mac version before (which does have this option), so I am curious why it isn't showing up. Any tips?
  13. Hi, It would be very useful to be able to copy channels to freeze, perhaps inside the copy channel tool. Eg. Replace freeze with luminosity, or add red channel to freeze
  14. Hi, I'm not new here, but it's my debut in gallery. What pushed me to share this WIP was topic posted by DavidF: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10030 I was shocked how many similarities our sculptures have. My work is a little bit older i guess. I even don't remember when i started it... Process of sculpting didn't take so long, but whole idea is evolving in my head from looong time. First i started to jam with my tablet and 3D Coat with target to create toon/comic book style character. I'm not sure but i feel, my character style is similar to some Marvel or DC hero/antyhero (i'll be glad if someone help me find a clue ). Then i started to think, and realized that this style is a little bit like (may i say) "soviet cubism": but with more flow and oval shapes. Now I've got idea about Siegfried (don't have surname yet). An nazi engineer whose dream was to create a time machine during WW2. Maybe i'll create short animation, don't know yet, but first i need to create portrait. So here it is: I hope sharing my work will push me to finish this fella. Retopology of a head is done. Now I'll make hair, uniform and oldschool, round glasses. Thanks
  15. Voxel with Multiple Layers, but use Surface/Rapid Tool accross all? Am keeping the layers for better control later, but is it possible to work with the Surface Rapid Tool accross all Layers at the same time without flattening out?
  16. Two characters I've created a while back. Probably the most detailed models I've made with 3D-Coat so far. Now that I have a new, more powerful PC I hope to finish them.
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