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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently having problems with the sculpt room, I can only sculpt on the volume that has the mesh on it, if I create a new volume and try to sculpt, nothing happens :/ I honestly have no idea what is happening, pleaseee help! Here is the file, let me know if anyone can sculpt on a new volume! Thank you for any replies! Dagger deco sculpt.3b
  2. Hey everyone, I have 3 doubts: 1) Saving a mesh or object from VoxTree in 3b format. Can this 3b object keep all the work done on layers of sculpture related to it? In the test I did, the 3B file does not save sculpt layers relating to the mesh of the VoxTree layer that I saved in .3b when I import this .3b file. With you, do the same thing happen? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) I was thinking of separating objects from VoxTree (dismember the project into mini projects) where the main file could be lighter and smaller ( just a container for the mini files .3b files that are part of the same project ). An example would be a sculpture of a character. I separated in the Vox tree : * Character Container |_ character mesh |_ Clothes |_ Accessories. I would like to do something similar to what happens in the Blender program. Having a main file and in it I would use the Append or Link method as needed. When I worked on a 3b mesh and saved, it would automatically modify file 3b. and in the main project this file would be updated and modified. Could I do something like that? ------------------------------------------------------- 3) You could kindly indicate to me an open source or free program so that I can fully organize myself in my private projects in the sense of task and asset management, calendar and etc (preferably it is just a single program for better usability). The program I was testing was Redmine, but it's complicated in upgrades and stuff. I also saw an opensource program called Tactic, but I did not understand anything, very complicated and I did not find any video that would explain the running beginner users like me. thank you
  3. Hi there, Just wondering if there is a way to recalculate curvature/AO for a single item in the voxtree rather than the whole scene? Looked around quite a bit but couldn't find any info on this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Anyone got links to a comprehensive overview of the voxtree panel? I'm sure there's some basic stuff in there I'm missing that would make my life easier, and make 3DC more understandable to me. Thanks. (It's like: you COULD show users a lot of stuff in Photoshop without covering the Layers panel, but you'd truly be shortchanging them from a lot of power, and basic graphic concepts if you ignored it.)
  5. I saw somewhere that it is possible to perform Boolean operations on Volume layers, but haven't been able to discover how. 1) Is this possible? 2) What is the procedure? Specifically, how is Boolean SUBTRACT performed between layers? Tnx! +++ EDIT: I found the function (don't know why RMB on layer name didn't show it up b4, I did try), but the actual subtraction is resulting in some sort of disk caching where the target, subtracted FROM layer is downsampled and converted to a Surface layer??? WUWT?
  6. ajz_searchForVolume DESCRIPTION: The script will select a volume with a name matching the text entered by the user. Useful in complex scenes with a long VoxTree with a deep hierarchy. INSTALLATION: Unpack everything to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat. USAGE: You will find the script here: Edit->Search for volume. Enter some text into the text field and press the Search button. 3D Coat will select the volume provided you enter its exact name. Exit the window with the OK button. LIMITATIONS: Yeah, you read right: "Its exact name". And case sensitive too. I couldn't figure out how to walk around this problem without spending too much time on it. An obvious solution would be to use RegEx, but I couldn't find any information on whether AngelScript supports it or not. The UI available for the script engine doesn't allow for implementation of dynamic search so you will need to confirm your input by leaving the text field and clicking the Search button. If your VoxTree is very long, then you might need to scroll the VoxTree window to see it. It's not possible to script in automatic scrolling. If several volumes share the same name, the uppermost will be selected. I could add a button that would select the next volume of the same name, but it would have to iterate through the VoxTree and this is currently very slow in 3D Coat. Plus it's a rare (and a bad) thing to have multiple objects with the same name, so I decided not to do it. ajz_searchForVolume.zip
  7. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv I wrote the script for my own use several weeks ago, but I think there's nothing wrong with sharing it. Perhaps someone will find it useful. DESCRIPTION: The script iterates through the whole VoxTree, collecting names and bound shaders of each visible layer. It then writes this information to a CSV file which can be opened by a spreadsheet application of one's choice. The script might be useful if you have a very complex scene with dozens of objects and shaders and you want to inspect which objects use which shaders. It can also be helpful when planning things in the retopo room. If you forget where you saved your file, check the script execution log: Scripts->View execution log. INSTALLATION: Copy ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt and ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.xml to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat. The script will be accessible through File->Export menu. CONFIGURATION: There's more detailed information on how to configure the script in the ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt file. Please read it before using the script. Drop me a word if you have any questions, ideas or find a bug. Thanks. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv-1.1.zip
  8. I want to View Icon in VoxTree change consecutively if mouse drga on mouse it.
  9. I can't figure out how to symmetrically copy an object with all of his children (in Voxel Room). Can 3D Coat do this? --- Ha! Never mind. I figured it out. Right click on parent and choose Clone->Clone with symmetry!
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