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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I do not know if you know, but I did the rhinos sculptures and I would like to thank everyone about the positive comments! First, I would like to ask for millions of apologies for the long silence. I really had many particular problems and I was very busy creating and developing something that I hope all of you may like. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Good news: Free Course! I would like to communicate to all of you that I am creating and developing a super free training regarding advanced 3DCoat interface customization. Honestly, this training is a lot of effort and hard work. This training goes from beginning users to the most advanced. No one will be left behind throughout the course. - There will be the total of 39 chapters. And some chapters should be divided into parts! The training will have many and many hours of duration, so be prepared to learn many things. I have already edited all content in Portuguese - Brazil. And I am currently working in the English version. (soon I'll finish). I'm going to release the two versions (Portugues - Brazil and English) at the same time. Everyone will learn at the same time! Surely, what I am doing will be something that will help a lot to all of you because in this training there will be detailed explanations regarding everything and many surprises that you do not even know that 3DCoat is able to do. High quality course and I hope everyone really likes it. I'll try to keep everyone informed on the date of the release of this course. I hope release as fast as possible! ------------------------------------------ 2) About Brushes (Rygaard): Honestly, when I created the brushes for the sculpture of the rhinos, I did not know that people would like! Only, I created particularly for the demonstration of the sculptures. But as many people were interested I will make the brushes available (please read below as it will be). Thank you very much for the people who were interested. 1) What I intend to do: 1.1- I need to completely review all brushes to work correctly in the version of 3DCoat 2022. I also created more brushes that can be useful (I hope). 1.2- I'm creating custom icons for each brush. Unfortunately in my tests when I create a pack of brushes, the custom icons I created are not saved in the package. Meaning that when installing the brushes package, the icons are not loaded in the interface (appearing only the standard 3DCoat icon). 1.3- I will need to record video with demonstrations of brushes so you can see what each brush do. 2) The way I will make available: 2.1- I will make the brushes available to an affordable and fair value for everyone. I have the intention that everyone can have. 2.2- The final value of the package containing many brushes I will say soon. I think that way, you can help me a little, because I am making available a high quality free course that could be sold in the market at a value ($$$), but it will be completely free! So, I believe I'm being fair with all of you. And it will also be a way to value everything I'm doing and I'll do for you in the future. 2.3- Place that I will make available the brushes: I'm still seeing where I'll put to sell the brushes. Maybe Gumroad? Or if have another platform .... I'm still going to search for it. I accept suggestions! -------------------------------------- 3) Great surprise - I guess! Yeah... I would like to make official that soon, I will have a channel on youtube! Many plans for this channel! I confess that I am very happy with this project! I hope to have the support and help of all! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. As soon as I have more news about everything, I will be updating the information! Thanks for the understanding of all. And I'm really excuse for the delay. Please be patience with me, a lot of things I am doing at the same time!
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