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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy, New to these forums. New to this program. I use to use it years ago as a solution to a quick high to low character pipeline however am now using it for turning high poly environmental art into low poly LOD meshes. My problem: I start software, choose the autoretopo- Pop in my high poly 18,000 Poly wall. Once it's in a set my Z bias to 3.00 and splint points density to 500%. Mirror snapping is 40%. You can see all those settings in my screenshot. Basically I get to the point where I need to : "draw strokes and press enter to complete poly surface" You can see exactly that text in the screenshot too if you want to read the whole thing. Anyway I can't get passed this point, I feel like the program is tainted with chaos and conspiring against me. You would think a simple auto-retopo was easy (a few years back I actually only had to watch 1 tutorial and I nailed it, never had to watch one again) however I couldn't find any that where helpful. If 3d coat has the wrong settings does it just ignore you? I'm use to maya or mudbox telling you that you are missing something, or producing a awful result if you put in the wrong settings. This program simply gives me a task I cannot/don't know how to complete. I suspect it could be my import model scaling ? My wall was imported from agisoft and is super small. As you can see by the background the smallest square of that grid is about 10 times longer on each side then the length of my entire wall. I would really appreciate help, sorry if this post was long and tedious to read, but i seriously didn't know where else to go, I followed tutorials to the teeth with no results. P.S if anyone has good tutorials they recommend that will 100% get me retopoing without issues , then by all means bring it on. Y
  2. lt23life

    I suck at Retopo

    Hi i am new to 3d coat and cant retopo for shit. I am using 4.1 and am trying to find the auto-retopo tool and cant.? can anyone help. Or can anymone auto-retopo my model for me? Link to file down below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2VeLs8JcP-dVm1yaUtkM2I0bkU/edit?usp=sharing