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Found 3 results

  1. I just went to auto-retopologize a model by opening 3D-Coat and at the splash screen choosing Perform Retopology and then choosing Perform auto-retopology. I am greeted with an AutopoParams window that says: "Symmetry may very essentially improve quadrangulation quality, so never ignore this option if you model is close to be symmetric. You should set up symmetry parameters before the auto-retopo...." Well, my model is symmetrical and I would very much like to enable symmetry on the X axis, but at this stage I can't access any menus and pressing S doesn't do anything. I know from watching 3D-Coat auto-retopology tutorials that there used to be an option to specify the symmetry in this dialogue, but I am totally confused as to how I am supposed to follow the instructions and set up my symmetry parameters before I auto-retopo. What am I missing?
  2. During auto-retopology, the phase where I designate edge flows with guide strokes to be exact, I pressed ESC and the wizard disappeared but I am not finished with the auto-retopology process. How do I bring the wizard back so that I can finish.
  3. Hello, I've quite a few meshes that I need to reduce polygons to. Most of them are furniture. I couldn't really manage to get any good results from Auto-Retopology and I was wondering if you folks have any tips? My guess is that Auto-Retopology is more useful for organic stuff than hard surface.