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Found 8 results

  1. Although there may be a rather convoluted work-around making an alpha layer from a diffuse map (in photoshop) to achieve transparent layers in 3dc, I was wondering if I missed something. In the SMART MATERIALS/TEXTURE EDITOR I'd like to load a COLOR MAP (here's the 64,000 dollar question) which has TRANSPARENT areas in it - through which ANOTHER LAYER below it, on a COLOR MAP, would appear on the object, in order to make it possible to STACK color texture maps and get something like this (see image): The black outline is the top layer, the red is the one below that, and the cerulean is the bottom layer. How could I stack those three layers in the Smart Materials Texture Editor in the COLOR MAP section of each layer?
  2. Well, I've finished texturing my roboto (see this earlier thread) and I'm pleased with 3DC's workflow for texturing. However I have a question. My model was developed in a modular fashion, arms, head, legs, chest, etc were all textured separately as separate objects and then assembled in 3DC's paint room. When I export the finished robot as a single obj, I get multiple color maps, normal maps, displacement maps for each object (arms, legs, head, chest). I would like to have a single color map, a single normal map, a single displacement map, curvature map, etc. is this possible in 3DC? and if so, how? Cheers & many thanks... Ken
  3. Is there a way for objects in the voxtree to have individual UV maps? In the attached picture, you can see that all three uv maps are in the same 2d image -- is there a way to have them each be on their own? Thanks much in advance!
  4. Hi, I'm coming from Topogun and I have found 3DCoat retopo room to be heaven sent. I've pretty much found all the info I needed on these forums but one thing still eludes me and unfortunately it is a make or break thing because it's the last link in the chain - without it all my work is worthless. I'm here to ask any expert for advice on the following: I have broken down my retopo object into several uv sets. How do I export (from Retopo room, NOT paint) the maps for these uv sets... So far I get overlapped maps on one map. In other words my 3 displacement maps are superimposed into one. Now for the question of why I don't take my object to the Paint room... because I could not find one single way, after literally dozens of tries based on the 3DCoat tutorials and docs to get it into the Paint room without artifacts. Thank you all so much.
  5. FreezeFrame

    Opacity Maps

    I was curious on how to make opacity maps form a high poly. For example a high poly fan grill with lots of spokes. To make it to a low poly an opacity map would be needed. Render to texture somehow. Use the grill only and bake white textured spokes to a transparency layer with alpha channel(or to a black background and remove after))??......Guessing here, barely done any baking at all. Possible here in 3D coat?
  6. I am totally knew to 3d coat but it seemed just what i needed for character texturing at the time. before i start learning more than the basics i want to know if i can export my model(textured in 3dcoat) with a separate material and diffuse/normal map for the feet, torso, head, skin... if so how? thanks oh and i dont want to have to seraprate my character into objects
  7. It would be great as a game artist to be able to show Diffuse, Spec, AO, Wireframe and Normal Maps straight from the texture editor or some menu item that will export them in one image. What I mean is...when I'm done making an asset, regardless of the program I'm using, I have to go into each map, pull them into Photoshop and then lay them out in a way that I can show all of them in one image to display to an employer or prospective client the layout and work done. It would be super awesome to have a feature in place that would do this for me in one shot. It's a lot to ask for, but would save tons of time and would help attract more game artists to 3DC than there already are.
  8. David Hall

    Texture(s) maps not showing up?

    Hello, I downloaded the demo earlier to see how good it is at fixing seams on a 3d model, i'm having a problem straight away though, the textures just don't seem to load at all. I import the model for per pixel import the diffuse then just nothing changes, the texture doesn't show up on the model Can anyone help me out please? Thanks