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Found 3 results

  1. So, when the dialog box for AUTOTOPO pops up it admonishes one to avoid things like crossing curves and having curves too close together. Yet, when I watched the related video featuring the rat character the author (after showing various methods that don't work) shows using many, many splines that cross each other in multiple places, and they are numerous and placed close together. Which approach is preferred? I tried an auto test on this dragon model I imported from Lightwave and got some ugly topology. Then I tried defining more numerous and precise splines, including many that crossed as the rat video said I should, and after nearly five hours of calculating (I started it and left to do stuff elsewhere) I came home to find it still unresponsive and had to force quit the app. Some insights, please? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I'm attempting to finish a rush job for a client, but am unable to retopologize the mesh due to "Faces deleted due to non-manifold in mesh." Then something about two faces overlapping. The message fades too quickly. It's a voxel sculpt I'm attempting to use autotopo on. How do I fix this? I've got to get this job finished within the next couple of hours! Thank you for your time, Matt VG
  3. alvordr

    Autotopology Question

    I'm working on making a pistol (no reference) and want to make it low-poly. I can do this by hand in Max, but I'm trying to do it from scratch in 3DC. What I have so far is the following. Everything autotopo's fine, except the item in the second picture here. I'm not sure how to tackle this, without manual topology. The autotopo looks horrid for this part, unless I make it way too high-poly. Am I being lazy?