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Found 28 results

  1. I was doing some retopology and was using shift + Brush to smooth out the polys when it just stopped working. I don't know if I hit a key that did something or ??? Is there way to get the smoothing option back?
  2. Syntex3D

    [Bug] Incorrect brush behaviour

    With the default brush settings, the brush alpha is incorrect (Sharp shape: OFF). In the screenshot below i used an alpha with smooth edges & when "Sharp Shape" is OFF, the result is incorrect because it has hard edges even though it's supposed to be a soft edged brush. When "Sharp Shape" is ON, the brush has smooth edges like it's supposed to, but when the brush stroke intersects with itself & you don't lift up the pen, it creates weird looking corners. With "Sharp Shape" OFF, the self intersect result is correct but the edges are hard even though it's a soft brush. There is no way to get the correct result, either the brush alpha has hard edges even though it's supposed to have smooth edges or the self intersect result is incorrect. (All strokes in the screenshot are drawn with the same alpha & same brush size, using the "depth & opacity" brush)
  3. I try to change normal sampling value to minimal = 5 - but it not change behavior of the brush. It begin change it angle to surface similar to normal sampling = 100 as soon as the edge of brush cursor touch the vertical surface - the brush begin change its tilt. But when normal sampling is = 5 - tilt of the brush must change when center of brush cursor will approach to vertical surface - but not edge of cursor. Only in Flatten tool - normal sampling work good I already reset Options-files in Documents/3D-Coat - it dont help( How to fix this problem?
  4. Hello! Let me present you my Brush Pack of high quality leather seams for 3D-Coat. 12 brush presets 12 alphas all baked from mesh Leather_Seams for 3dCoat
  5. Hey everyone, I wanted to take the RMB brush radius and depth slider, and assign it to something else (i want to use RMB for my rotate navigation, like in ZBrush). Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey For some reasons my lines are pretty jagged whenever i paint them from further away, resulting in a less-than-desired effect. I've drawn 2 strokes with the exact same brush, only difference being that i drew one up close to the model, and one further away. Anyway to prevent this? I really like the program, but this is pretty deal-breaking tbh.
  7. oscar_mello

    3dcoat curve stroke on zbrush?

    Hi all, i am starting to work on zbrush too and i would like to know if there is a similar option (on zbrush) for the curve stroke tool on 3dcoat. i use the curve stroke a lot on 3dcoat on pinch tool since it gives me awesome organic shapes and forms, i found on zbrush the lazy mouse option but so far i dont get the same shapes, thanks in advance for any help
  8. kwhali

    Scrape brush?

    Is there a brush that behaves similar to flatten for surface volumes but can use a curve? Imagine, half cylinder shape, and i draw a line along the round surface to get curve/profile. Could I then use this to as a brush to scrape off excess and/or fill the surface to that curve?
  9. Hi, I encountered some odd behaviour when using the Muscle, Snake and Spikes tools in voxel mode — they all show a much thinner result than the brush size. See the attached screenshots. I'm using the Constant Pressure stroke type, so it shouldn't be a Wacom pen pressure matter. I've also tried to increase the brush depth, to no result. The odd thing is that only the Toothpaste tool does correspond to the brush size, as you can see in the first screenshot. Did I perhaps activate some option? Because until this session the tools did correspond to the brush size. I'm using 3D Coat 4.8.03 for Mac OS. Thanks, Metin
  10. Like the topic suggests this post is about brush size being linked to Depth strength. Is there a way to turn this off in 3dCoat? It's been this way for as long as I can remember and for the life of me I don't know why it was conceived this way. I have up until now merely put up with it but I can't stand it any longer. Why is it this way by default and can we get it changed? This program is for the most part great and is like a swiss army knife of tools but a LOT of them are ill conceived and poorly implemented. I have posted many comments over the years complaining about a lot of them and Andrew (god bless him) has answered most of them and when he doesn't it's because he's been too busy. Sorry for the slightly ranty post but it's been bugging me for too long.
  11. ok so I have some questions! 1 .)Why does the move brush create this weird stretching effect? On the right side of this image I have used the move brush twice, if you notice the outside of the edge on the sphere is smooth and the inside is stretched. 2.) Is there any way to fix this from happening with the move brush itself? 3.) how to get good smoothing results? on the left side of the image I have merged a cylinder to a sphere and I have used the smooth brush to smooth the connecting crease. I find that the smooth brush is not strong, or powerful enough to smooth sometimes. 4.) Can you recommend any techniques for both of these issues? I'm mostly working with human anatomy sculpts and seperating or attaching limbs. thanks!
  12. https://yadi.sk/d/cl93vk_-vcVaG Used Filter Forge 4 and NeoTextureEdit.
  13. Kihea

    Newbie Issues

    Hi there all, I'm new to 3D coat and I am attempting to do some hand painted textures. I seem to have run into an issue how ever and I'm not sure what is going on. When I attempt to paint on my model the brush has suddenly become very, blown out. Its harsh, doesnt react to pressure sensitvity, its very bright. I will load a screen shot so you can see. Any ideas on what might be going on? thanks. Tyler ( Kihea )
  14. Please unlink the values for Spacing and Jitter position. Currently if you increase the value for Jitter position you need to increase the Spacing to a ridiculously high value.
  15. not sure why tha hell they removed this great shortcut thats the kind of thing pisses me off. Now I have to hunt a very new version on the internet for a solution for a problem that was not suppose to have in the first place anyone with more luck than myself?
  16. I'm trying to draw a weld seams... So I use a Brush Tool, a Depth channel active and the Additive paint checkbox turned on. But when I draw I get a plainly extruded stroke. Is there a way so that each brush drop (tick) will be overlayed on top of the previous one? Spacing parameter in Brush options doesn't help much. I use standard round alpha, maybe that is the problem? Do I need a specific alpha for a welded seams effect? thnx
  17. Hello, I am sculpting in the voxel room and am having strange issues with my brushes. No matter what size I set them to, the actual size is like 4 times larger than the yellow circle. If I go to the paint room the sizes are right. I can make the brushes extremely small and they will sort of work, but it is extremely laggy for some reason. I have uninstalled, and performed a clean install with no luck. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  18. Здравствуйте, обитатели форума 3D coat, недавно перешел на новую для меня версию программы 4.5.02. И заметил в новых фичах обидную проблему. Есть модель с текстурой 2048Х2048. И превью материала показывает мне такое качество: Я радостно беру кисть и получаю на выходе вот такое : И еще раз для сравнения: Прошу объяснить, из какой жопы у меня растут руки, и что я делаю не так. Вот еще UV, авторазвертка, может в ней проблемы?
  19. Hello, I just installed the trial a few days ago and I seem to have an issue with my brush strength at the beginning of each brush stroke. It's a bit hard to explain so I attached an image. Basically I have been painting this S shape, starting from top left left at constant speed/preassure and it does sometimes lag for a moment (0 or 100% preassure) until it finally gets the preassure right. I am running on a fresh install of windows 8.1 with the latest wacom drivers (Intuos pen tablet)
  20. Is there something similar to the "on brush" tool for placing objects, but that keeps the uv's of the model. I want to import textures for the models placed - This would be brilliant for adding textured details (I.E grass, tiny stones, small weeds) to a scene.
  21. worldcrafter

    Orient to camera

    Hi, can i orient my brush to camera? (for the scrape, flatten brushes...)
  22. RabenWulf

    Brush Alpha going crazy in diff modes.

    So I have been having massive issues with 3d coat in general....the latest problem I am having is that the brush alpha is freaking out. Its as though its getting warped and pinched in certain modes so far, mostly surface and paint, it was doing it in voxel mode as well but now not anymore. I have no idea what is going on, but the results of trying to paint or sculpt with the brush alpha like that is pretty bad. Here's a pic Any ideas on whats going on and how to stop it from doing this? I have never had so many issues pop up from one program before... Any help is appreciated.
  23. goodrichm

    Drippy Brush

    Is there a brush, or a quick way, to just drip material/polygons onto an object so it looks like natural rain or blood dripping on/off the object? Only looking at creating a still image at this point, but turning it into an animation would be awesome! I'm trying to create a logo for my gaming clan that's a dog tag with blood dripping all over it. I'm not a very good artist so trying to build it manually doesn't look natural. Thanks in advance for any help. Hope you all have an awesome new year!!!
  24. maximus

    angle depended brush

    I would like to see a feature where I can limit the painting of an area by the angle adjacent faces. Similar to the "ingore back faces" option in the E-panel. There should be a limiter where one could set the angle which allows or prevent the painting or modelling of the area. MeshMixer or 3ds max has this option in the face selection dialog.
  25. Trello card https://trello.com/c/faPjdiS7 Mantis http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1629