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Found 18 results

  1. dimitribastos

    Team Captain America

    From the album: FanArt

    This is some kind of self portrait featuring the upcoming Marvel's Civil War movie. I'm joining Team Captain America! Also this is my first character render. The next one will be Iron Man - or should he be Iron Boy?
  2. lala14

    Guardian of North

    From the album: Lamnho

    Trying to focus on bringing out the emotion Turntable via link https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2XmAv
  3. racerx11080

    Mud monster - different views

    From the album: Concept art for dark fantasy movie

    Concept art done for kickstarter for dark fantasy movie "Behind blue eyes". Directors waned iconic and scary monster / creature that would be inspired with works of Guillermo del Torro, H. P. Lovecraft, and movie Alien... Done complementary in 3d coat > Keyshot > Photoshop
  4. dimitribastos

    Black Squad Captain

    From the album: Characters

    Hey, guys. Long time no see! I just want to share my latest project: The Black Squad Captain. I used Modo and 3D-Coat. I tried to paint the entire face and I'm satisfied with the final result. Hope you like it! :) Cheers, Dimitri
  5. dimitribastos


    From the album: FanArt

    This is a personal project inspired by the classic game Mega Man. The concept is by myself. Hope you like it!
  6. dimitribastos

    The Great Evil Witch

    From the album: Monster Bash

    This illustration is part of a bigger project called Monster Bash. Actually this is the first one: The Great Evil Witch from the Dark Forest. Hope to share more with you soon!
  7. dimitribastos

    Red Skull

    From the album: FanArt

    After reading Red Skull: Incarnate I decided to create a illustration. 3D Coat + Modo. Hope you liked it!
  8. Alemar

    Odoya Yemanjá

    From the album: Alemar 3D printing models

    made for 3D printing this a mermaid Yemanjá ,there is a popular party in Brazil about her... Inspired by Yemanja , with a mixture of traces of " manga " drawing Japanese comics, the jewelry can be purchased in various materials , from plastic to 18K gold , using the latest 3D printing technologies . http://shpws.me/LnYC http://shpws.me/LnYF

    © by Marco Alemar

  9. Alemar

    yemanja instagram jewelry

    From the album: Alemar 3D printing models

    Inspired by Yemanja , with a mixture of traces of " manga " drawing Japanese comics, the jewelry can be purchased in various materials , from plastic to 18K gold , using the latest 3D printing technologies . http://shpws.me/LnYC http://shpws.me/LnYF

    © Marco Alemar

  10. dimitribastos

    civilwarkids ironman

    From the album: FanArt

    Second illustration for Civil War Kids series. Team Iron Man Hope you like it!
  11. Carlosan

    Merman Dante

    From the album: Carlosan

    All done in 3DC, compo in Gimp, look in Davinci Resolve.

    © @Andreoni

  12. chris_solo


    ...start new project, maybe I'll try rendering in Octane render for the end. for the moment I place the shapes, Once happy I will push the details on his face and the textures. ++Chris
  13. chris_solo


    Hello all, A project that I started for some time now, the sculpt was done in 3dcoat (of course!), The retopo bust is done with the automatic function AUTOPO, the armor and clothing too, UV's also were made in 3dcoat, UV's manual for the bust and automatic for armor and clothing. The texture of the bust (face) paint was in 3dcoat. I completed the project in Lightwave which is my usual software, the textures have been reworked with some shaders LW and the final rendering is done in Lightwave ... Groboto was used for the decoration back. Photoshop used to finalize the image and atmosphere. I hope you like this, so 3dcoat was used for this project to 85%. the image is not very big, I'm sorry! but it requested made 3 hours of calcul render ​​because I have an equipment PC with no performance... (sorry for my English) ++Chris