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Found 7 results

  1. It's time for the Fourth annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render. It is the largest awards event for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry. Everything is as usual: you have to create a car 3d model, put it into 3D environment and make a beautiful render. There are no limits for your creative ideas: you can choose any automobile you like whether it is racing or imaginary vehicle. We invite all 3D artists to participate. Don't forget to read the rules of the contest. The contest is supported by the best companies of the 3D world, and so the prizes for the first places look amazing. Also, everyone has an opportunity to receive an additional prizes. We're waiting for your works from September 13 to November 29. Good luck and happy rendering!
  2. The Estonian Government Office is collaborating with the Estonian Academy of Arts to organise the digital painting competition ’EU 100’ to visualise the effect that the trends of the European Union have on the lives of ordinary citizens and society as a whole, depicting various scenarios that are based on the developments of today. It is an international competition that welcomes all artists regardless of where they are based. The categories are based on the priorities of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, but also on broader, forward-looking themes in order to stimulate an exchange of ideas about how the EU could react to technology-related social change, including in the context of social care and the job market. The aim of the competition is to receive 12 different digital paintings that can be printed in a large format and used in various digital channels. The competition has 12 categories that represent life in the European Union 100 years after the signing of the Rome Treaty, i.e. in 2057. The submissions must fall into the indicated categories (the name of the category will become the title of the work), but the works do not have to stick to indicated sample scenarios; artists can interpret the categories according to their visions. In the judge’s assessments, a panel of judges will look at how the works meet the criteria of the category, the technical quality of the work and the accompanying text by the author. The categories and sample scenarios of the competition are listed below. The submissions will be assessed by a five-member panel that includes representatives of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the EU Secretariat of the Estonian Government Office. The competition is open to all artists, illustrators and designers who create high-resolution digital paintings. One artist can submit works in several categories, but only one work per category. The Estonian Government Office has the right to organise an exhibition with the submissions that have been awarded prizes. The winner of each category will receive a €500 prize. If possible, three honorary mentions will be awarded €250 each. Click here for rules and categories Feel free to discuss the details of the competition under this thread or by contacting the organizers at digitalart@eu2017.ee We are looking forward to receiving many hi-quality works that help visualize the directions our society is moving into.
  3. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-art-competitions Currently Open: Lost at Sea TurboSquid is proud to announce our first ever 3D art competition, and we’re offering over $10,000 in cash and prizes to the winners! This is probably no surprise, but our first contest will have a nautical theme: Lost at Sea. The contest will have two categories, and we’ll award prizes to the top 3 entries for each category. Artists will have until October 6, 2017, to either make a single real-time model or 3D rendered scene and submit it to us. Anything from a straightforward raft in an endless ocean to something more more abstract that fits the theme is fair game. Be creative!
  4. Here's the final image -as you can see from the basic render, I have added finishing touches in Painter. Some of the other entries look awesome!
  5. nickm


    Here's the final image -as you can see from the basic render, I have added finishing touches in Painter. Some of the other entries look awesome!
  6. nickm

    Steampunk Batmobile

    Hi This is my first 3D Coat project, so has been a very steep learning curve, and I'm sure not all of the techniques used are the most practical. Here's some of the progress screens - all of the model was created and finished in 3D Coat. Will post the final image as soon as completed later today.
  7. nickm

    Steampunk BAtmobile

    Bit late starting, had lots of problems getting access the forum. Must be browser related, would appreciate any advice on this. I had to use my wife's iPad in the end. Will be submitting a steampunk BAtmobile. Images To follow.