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Found 2 results

  1. lewis2e

    3D Coat to Blender

    Hi All I've been using 3D Coat for a while now, and have to start by saying how much I love it. I'm a long time user of Blender and Cycles, but I didn't have experience of any other applications until I tried 3D Coat. The usability and almost constant improvements and additions of new features is extremely impressive. I now do all my sculpting and painting in 3D Coat because it is just so easy and intuitive compared to Blender.... Now for my actual question. Admittedly, it's as much a Blender question as it is a 3D Coat question, but I'm hoping I am not the only one using Blender for rendering creations exported from 3D Coat. I am using Blender and Cycles for rendering, and I am using the SimplePBR node which I found because other people on these 3D Coat forums have mentioned it. No-one, however, seems to have given an example of how to correctly set it up. SimplePBR has the following inputs: Albedo Specular Colour; Fresnel IOR; Roughness; Metalness; and Normal As far as I can tell, no export workflow in 3D Coat supports generating all these maps as part of the same export. Is that correct? This is what is confusing me. Can anyone give me a description of how you typically hook this up? (if you use it). What maps do you export from 3D Coat? Alternatively, is there a better alternative to SimplePBR? Note: I have seen this thread: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17212-pbr-in-blender-cycles/, but it doesn't quite seem to answer my question. Many thanks
  2. Hi guys. I am posting this for help and advise. I have been modeling human characters in 3d-coat, then rendering a scene with them in blender. But i just keep noticing that my characters aren't close to real, they look more like mannequins. Am i just lacking something, or am i just fundamentally wrong?? would really appreciate some advise for this... Here are some of my recent works (hair is done with blender hair emitter) Thanks