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Found 2 results

  1. AgentSam

    Forum Updates

    Looks like the 3D-Coat forums are being updated silently in the background even as I'm writing this. Webmaster, which version of IP.Board have you updated to? Cheers, AgentSam
  2. The program is great. The documentation system is convoluted, confusing and separated by methods (PDF, web, videos) so as to just increase my frustration every time I try to get a thorough understanding of it. I truly appreciate the videos, but they are not a manual. A manual goes section by section. It addresses each item/tool, it details workflow. It can be used as a reference after going through it once over to look up tools, menus, commands and techniques. It has an appendix, glossary, table of contents, addresses all the programs features and their use. As they now function. It exists in one place. It's fine to append information for new features on a web site but it needs a sound foundation. Right now I feel stupid when trying to grasp the program. I think quality documentation is as important, if not more so, than the programs code. Am I the odd man out and everyone else just gets it, or are there others as lost as I am?. Thanks, Kevin L.