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Found 9 results

  1. my first glass attempts in 3D-Coat: ClearGlass.3dcpack IMPORTANT: Make sure Layer 0 opacity - 25% or lower! then on layer one (or any other layer above 0) use the glass material. make sure the material is on 100% opacity but the layer opacity is on a low % (me = typically choose 15% or less) --- message me if you = need any help sorting it out :]
  2. Hello! How can i make glass PBR smart matterial>? Can anybody share it with me?
  3. Hi guys! I am losing the will to live with my potion bottles. The model was created in 3DS Max, I have the outer model which is the bottle and an inner model which is the liquid. To see through the bottle, I have been creating a glass layer with a chrome texture, lowering the opacity of the layer to 20% and then hiding layer 0. It works, but also comes with an immense amount of problems, (see below). As shown in the images, the potion bottles seem to make other parts of the model transparent when looking through at certain angles, it clips out the majority of the inside model (the liquid), and just looks completely messed up. Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much.
  4. I want to make a globe for a lamp I made. So I need it transparent but with visible surface.
  5. matty686

    glass starcraft

    From the album: glass art

    done with Andrews new radial symmytry feature and Andrews perfect glass and made with the help of Andrews 3d fly camera Andrew you are ..........aw----some!

    © Public-Domain (because opensource rocks)

  6. Pix Jigsaw

    Glass still life

    From the album: Pix Jigsaw

    Modeled and painted and rendered in 3D Coat. All the shapes were formed initially with the lathe and move tools. A little post work to add some mood and interest to the render.

    © Pix Jigsaw

  7. matty686


    From the album: glass art

    a glass sculpture of a super cell thunderstorm

    © public domain

  8. matty686

    glass tree

    From the album: glass art

    a glass tree made with 3dcoats internal render thanks to the new bug fix in version 4.005 this fix allows all transparency faces to be sorted thus giving good artifact free transparency

    © public domain

  9. thanks Andrew for making the in program glass a bit better with a tiny bit of post work on Photoshop I was able to get good results (I used the heal brush a bit)