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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Me again. I have tried to import my ZBrush work to 3dcoat, I tried the fbx plugin, but it still no layers. Could you help? Thanks & Best Regards, K.
  2. I had 4.8.25 and sculpt layers did not work for me. I downloaded 4.8.32 and sculpt layers still don't work. I made sure that I was using a surface model. Created two layers above layer 0. I named one Test A and the other Test B. I then selected layer A and drew a line. I did the same thing to layer B. When I cut the opacity down to 0 on either layer nothing changed on the model. I then cut each of the layers off and nothing happened. I made a new file started with a surface model and did the same thing. Still it didn't work. Is it broken or am I doing something wrong. layer_test_001.3b
  3. I've recently picked up 3D coat to explore its features. I'm extremely new to this and it's exciting to delve into the many features of the software. I've used Substance Designer and Painter extensively and have become accustomed to a procedural workflow. This is a very different approach and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I especially love 3D coat's painting tools, but have found shortcomings in the smart material system. Perhaps this is just my lack of knowledge about 3D coat, or perhaps there are features that are missing here. So I have a few questions about this. Any help would be much appreciated! 1. Can I set the blending method for a smart material layer? (overlay, screen, ect.). This is where I feel severely gimped. Being a Photoshop artist, I've gotten used to the results of juggling colors on top of each other in a certain way (such as the result when you use red with soft light over skin tones)... Things just happen in a way that is to be expected. It's a lot more difficult to make complex materials without layer blending options. 2. In the future, I hope there be options to apply effects to smart material layers. (such as Blur or HSL). this goes in hand with layer blending. 3. When I save a smart material, then move the textures used to create it, I get an error that the material is broken. However, if I export the file as a 3dcpack and then import it, it's fine. This is awkward and could be improved. 4. can the "More on Bumped" and "More on Dent" options be local to the height values of the smart material itself? 5. The "Apply Procedural Noise" checkbox could be a lot more useful if I could access other noise types (or upload them). Such as perlin. Thanks for your time I hope that these issues are just hidden options I've missed. I really am loving 3D Coat regardless. If they're absent features, then I hope there is a workaround, or maybe they will arrive someday in the future! Cheers, Allen Grippin
  4. In the paint room, I have a particular layer with an old retopo-bake that need`s deleting. The delete button does delete other layers, but not this particular layer. (There are newer, baked layers in the list, so deleting this particular layer would not leave the room empty of content or other layers) Deleting "Layer 0" is seems impossible.
  5. Is there a way to apply layer blending within the smart material editor? I am trying to make a wasp skin texture which I am using a rust image for and apply a new layer of yellow on top, however lowing the opacity is not enough. If I apply the rust to a normal layer then the yellow on top I can use layer blending to get the desired effect. Is there a way of doing this in the smart material editor directly?
  6. I have imported 2 separate meshes for per pixel painting and thus I have 2 surface materials and 2 paint objects, however they all share the same layers in paint room. Is this intended? I find it confusing when I open up the texture in Photoshop and all the layers from the other object are there and empty, but i can't delete them since then the paint information will disappear in 3d coat upon re-importing the texture. It would be nice to have a separate set of paint layers per surface material.
  7. I'm painting in 3D Coat and i have everything organized inside groups, whenever I send to photoshop and saved there, the groups get messed up. Already tried everything, I have removed all the groups and created new ones, already changed the name of each layer (with and without "_" ) and each group, this always happens. There is no space in the names, everything works normal until i save in photoshop and return to 3D Coat. The bottom group is added to the top group creating a ladder of groups, one inside the other. I already exported all layers as .psd, opened in photoshop, saved and reimportei in a new file in 3D Coat and the same happens How can I fix this problem? Even if i put all groups inside a main group holding all groups this happens after i save in photoshop EDIT: Also tried with 3D Coat 4.7.23 64-bit. Same problem
  8. Ashington

    Not all Layers export

    As part of my ongoing saga to paint a rock: In the attached you can see the render from 3Dcoat on the left and the corresponding obj in Cinema 4D on the right. Some layers are missing. The reason I know this, apart from the difference in appearance is the fact that the moss only appeared when I exported the colour map separately and overwrote the old one. I did the same for the normals and they improved too. The Psionics, Alien-something, official and everything else tutorials on the subject show a straight export of the obj (File>Export) - and everything works fine. Even now that the moss is appearing, it still looks wrong - it should be bulbous for a start and there's obvious detail and colour/texture layers missing from the rock.
  9. Ashington

    Import to new layer

    See attached: I want to import each of the 3 Cinema4D objects as separate meshes into the paint room. I basically want them each on their own layer, as in Cinema4D. I've run out of internet searches, ideas and patience. I've accepted that I have to export each mesh separately and I've sorted out everything on the C4D end. The videos I've watched about isolating contiguous polygons, etc.. all apply to the vox tree/sculpt room and none of those features seem to be available in the paint room. ...unless there is another way to quickly isolate meshes in order to apply smart materials to each in turn. Please let me know.
  10. Hello please help! How can I solve this problem? I import my model through 3ds Max App link and import my hand-painted color map, but the layer name from my PSD file was named in traditional Chinese, and in 3dcoat it's not showing correctly, they all become random messed up characters. So can anyone helps? Thanks! PS: I mean the "Layer name" of the PSD file not the UI or nemu, thanks!
  11. Hello, fellow 3D artists! I'm still new to 3D Coat, so please forgive. I'm sure there's a simple answer to my question: "Is there a way to scale a layer in Paint mode?" For example, I want to scale the depth of a layer to half because the bumpiness is too great. Or I want to scale down the shininess (specularity) of the layer, or opacity. How would I do that? Thank you.
  12. Hello everyone! Is there a way to create folders or groups in the Paint Room for the layers? This would be nice, because organizing layers could be easier sometimes. Right now, having several layers would look something like this: head_color head_normals head_spec body_color body_normals_01 body_normals_02 body_spec arms_color arms_normals legs_color legs_normals But with groups: head head_color head_normals head_spec body body_color body_normals_01 body_normals_02 body_spec arms arms_color arms_normals legs legs_color legs_normals So one could collapse different parts and hide\unhide complete groups.
  13. Here's a quick video demonstrating how to use a layer to mask another. Vimeo: Youtube:
  14. Is there a Fill painted area or layer in the Paint room? If I want to change the specularity or color overall in a painted spot, i find it ranges from super easy to difficult. I know how to fill unfrozen.