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Found 3 results

  1. grampanda

    Ortho/Persp in [Camera] Menu

    Shouldn't the choice for orthographic or perspective modes be a part of the [Camera] menu? It could be listed as" Perspective" with a checkbox in front.
  2. Hello Guys, I'm using Windows 10 and some menus seem to be not doing anything at all. Like when I try clicking on Help. Some only seem to work sometimes.. like edit->Mesh & Texture. I also am unable to change texture resolution to anything over 2048.. despite having the pro license (from steam) maybe I am missing a step, but it doesn't seem to matter from where I try changing the texture size. It still seems to be stuck to the free version limit. In any case, my point is that I get the feeling the program is erratic in Windows 10. Sometimes I can export textures, but in the beginning I could not. So my question is, is this something you are aware of? Because it is quite troublesome not being able to use textures above 2048 (in my particular case) Here is hoping I don't stumble on the missing step I didn't take, right after posting this.. I have a bad habit of doing that Best regards/ Mike
  3. Please consider adding a report bug link from the help menu in 3DC. I realized this today, as I was looking for the Mantis page again. If this is the preferred method for reporting bugs, it should be linked from the program, the same way the manual is.