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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all Isn;t there a mirror tool in the voxel room ? I am trying something like the mirror and weld in ZBrush but cannot work it out - Tried the "Apply" Axial Symmetry" but cant understand the logic of it - tried typing various logical numbers but all fail to perform a simple mirror.... :-( NIR
  2. I'm mirroring uv by first making upper retopo mesh then assigning uv's then mirroring top to down geometry, but the final result show some imperfections that show that the mirroring process is not much precise. Could that be related to the fact 3d-coat is not mirroring the exact underlying triangle topology? note that in the upper the two triangles that conform the quad are not equally positioned as the bottom ones (btw the stretched checker patter is intentionally set that way in order to see the underlying triangle better). In the second image Im painting depth as an example of the problem, compare upper to lower. Is that correct? is the problem related to the underlying triangle topology? if this is a BUG will be fixed or is not that relevant? I tried mirroring using "general case", "Local Space", etc all give the same result PLEASE help, Im relying so much in mirroring uv in order to save resources because my models are for a game! THANKS. Edit: added a third image to show what (I think) could solve the problem, an exact replica of the geometry (at a triangle level)