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Found 6 results

  1. Just take me to the raffle! Meet AMD’s FireRender for 3DS Max 2016! Creative? Designer? Artist? Just curious? Want to create stunning renders with ease? Meet FireRender, AMD’s fast, new, PBR-renderer for 3D Studio Max 2016- SP3 ®. It’s free, too! And even though it’s still in beta, FireRender already has quite a few benefits to offer: FireRender is Open Source, and the only OpenCL renderer currently on the market. For you as an artist, this means that it’s hardware agnostic, and its performance is limited only by the power of your hardware – regardless of your setup’s platform or brand; If you can run OpenCL 1.2 or higher, you can run FireRender. It’s that simple. FireRender is fully integrated into 3D Studio Max®, meaning you can use Max’® existing maps, materials and lights; After switching to FireRender in Render Settings, all you’ll need to do is tweak your materials or lighting setup where needed. And you can of course work with anything from a simple shader node, to a complex setup. FireRender also comes with a library of beta material setups to get you started, and has great PBR and caustics support, in addition to plugging right in to Max’ normal, emissive, and photometric lighting capabilities. If you’re on a laptop, that’s no problem either, as you can use AMD’s XConnect™ Technology to speed up your renders even more. FireRender is an easy to use, physically accurate renderer you can use to render anything from nature to mecha to archviz. We’re pretty excited to be able to share this amazing renderer with you, and even though it’s still very much in beta, we hope you’ll like it as much as we do!Download a copy and see for yourself!
  2. Good day, I was following AMD products for some time, although I always was Intel / Nvidia user, I decided to switch to a latest Ryzen / Radeon pro setup. I have discovered that it is working surprisingly well and are indeed match to a latest Intel / Nvidia tech. From all my software library, the only application that is underperforming , compared to Intel / Nvidia setup is 3DCoat. I've tested it without using CUDA on Ryzen 1800x / Radeon pro VF setup vs Intel i7 7700k / Nvidia GTX 1080 (CUDA off, although CUDA-ON haven't showed any performance improvements). GTX 1080, even being an older hardware with lower specs outperforms Radeon pro in 3DCoat, but in every other application Radeon pro is almost twice faster due to a higher specs and latest hardware tech.I also have discovered that GL64 mode is having a better performance on both, Nvidia and AMD card compared to DX. The difference in FPS is 21 (AMD 16gb Radeon pro) vs 52 (Nvidia 8gb GTX1080) on the same 40 million polygon scene (GL64). My thoughts are that 3DCoat is optimized to work with Intel / Nvidia hardware, and making that had a total sense due to a lack of a good tech from AMD last years. However it is not the case now. My suggestion or rather question, if its possible to optimize 3DCoat for the latest tech from AMD? Maybe utilize something that already have been done for MAC version of 3DCoat, since latest iMAC pro is using exactly AMD Radeon pro hardware, and reportedly it works really well with this setup. Other suggestion would be to switch from CUDA to OpenCL to speed up calculations. This way 3DCoat will be able utilize not only video cards from Nvidia, AMD, but even discrete solutions like intel's HD series. Additionally I've noticed that most of the calculations while sculpting are utilizing only one core of the CPU, which is a shame (or it is related to a bad optimization for AMD tech?). Anyway, apart from that, I am really enjoying working in 3DCoat. If only it could perform better on latest hardware. Cheer's K
  3. edselmalasig

    3dcoat on Mac with OpenCL support

    will there be an OpenCL support for 3d coat?
  4. CyBorge

    3D-Coat CUDA OpenCL Performance

    I've been searching the forums regarding CUDA, OpenCL, and performance of 3D-Coat. I just want to make these things clear for myself and others in one place! - so correct me if I'm wrong: 1. On windows you DON'T need to install the CUDA Toolkit to use CUDA with 3D-Coat. 2. On Linux, you DO have to install the CUDA Toolkit to take advantage of CUDA in 3D-Coat. 3. Most people recommend using the DX builds on Windows for stability. (So DX + CUDA or just DX on Windows) 4. Version 4.5+ of 3D-Coat has been compiled to support CUDA Toolkit 6.5 and up so you can use the NVIDIA 900 Series with good results? (Or is it still stuck on 3.0 as stated here: http://3dcoat.com/files/3DCLinux.pdf ) 5. CUDA is mainly beneficial to the Brushes used in Voxel Sculpting and not much else. 6. OpenCL is now supported in PARTS of 3D-Coat like Ambient Occlusion calcs. I know this is discussed a lot but, it's also spread out all over the forums so please let me know if I'm correct or I missed something important so it's all in one place and newcomer friendly. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Im newly meet this awesome app. Im getting error while calculating occlusion: and platform only is CPU. +also I saw there is GPU in the combobox of PLATFORM selection at my school room's pc). title: "OpenCL error" message: ERROR 12:Creating Command Queue (clCreeateCommandQueue). METHOD 0. Im sure this PC drivers are all installed correctly. and gfxcard is nvidia 840m (2gb) supports CUDA. 3dcoat version: 4.5.28 (all executable throws same error)
  6. Andrew & co, Any word on whether Mac users can look forward to OpenCL/CUDA support for v4? Lack of GPU "acceleration" is the one remaining area where Mac is solidly behind Win & Linux in 3DC, and it'd sure be nice to see that addressed. Thanks!