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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, i'm working with pretty big files with many layers and experiencing quite some real long loading times. It takes around a hour or longer to load a 1.6 gb, 4k big file. My rig is a core i5 760, 16gb RAM and a nvidia gtx 970. Are there any known issues with big files or many layers? Do I need more RAM for these kind of files? Is it possible, that many overlapping uv islands increasing the loading time? Hope anyone can help.
  2. Brui

    Where is the gradient node ?

    I can't seem to find the gradient node?, Where you can position how you want the gradient fill to be positioned. If any body knows the answer please tell me!, Please and thank you!!!
  3. Imported an obj (exported with "N-gons" fro Moi 3D) in Paint Room for Per Pixel Painting. Some areas can neither be filled nor painted (displayed white/gray on screenshot). Tried with and w/out "Lock Normals" on Import, no difference. Any idea ?
  4. worldcrafter

    "export depth along y" on painted mesh

    Is there a way i can bake good quality depth like the "export depth along y" in sculpt room, but for a mesh in the paint-room or a reference mesh.