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Found 4 results

  1. gerkx

    PTEX Displacement Empty

    Hello All, I've always worked with microvertex painting, as I utilize deep displacement in Houdini, but thought I'd try PTEX, to get the most bang for my buck, map resolution wise. I'm having difficulties getting it to export the depth info into the displacement map. It bakes out as a flat grey map. If the polys spill over to a second ptex plane, it's displacement map contains the depth info, while the first plane remains blank grey. The scale for the first also reads out as #INF00 rather than a numeric value. I'm working within 4.5.19, but I've also tried it with the latest 4.7 beta release w/o any further success. Anyone dealt with this before?
  2. Hi Everyone! I just started mucking about with Ptex, and I remember from early videos of this technology that the big advantage of ptex was the ability to increase the resolution of the texture in specific areas. If you didn't have enough resolution for a set of polygons (such as an area with text), you could just select the area and bump up the resolution. Am I misremembering? Is there such a feature in 3d Coat and I am just missing it? I can't find a way to -globally- change the resolution of a ptex model. It's like the resolution is locked when you load the model. That seems... inflexible to me.
  3. borate

    Ptex transfer

    Hi guys and gals (appologies if this is in the wrong area). I had an immediate query regarding ptex texture baking. Was wondering if it is possible, to say. if you have a ptex model ready to go and you want to transfer those textures to another model. also setup for Ptex. So basically taking ptex data from one model and transfering to another (not transfering Ptex texture data from a model and baking down to uvs) Cheers and thanks for the great software
  4. Been working on this forever it seems and tried googling and searching all the forums. PTEX is included in 3d-coat but hardly a word on how to use it. Since Maya 2013 in its hardware render mode can render ptex I thought be nice to export a voxel from 3d-coat to Maya with ptex textures. I first AUTOTOPED WITH PTEX then exported it as an obj (also tried fbx). Then in the paint room I exported a PTEX COLOR TEXTURE. In Maya went the HD RENDER VIEWER imported obj (and tried fbx) and then applied the Ptex to the color channel. Just cant get it to work correctly. I have tried a million different things. ANY advice on this would be so appreciated. I love the hardware 2.0 render in Maya and use it all the time. It would be a dream to be able to use PTEX (no uv's! hurray) models from 3d-Coat.