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Found 6 results

  1. BondedGunner

    I have some questions

    so I have some questions. first off.... this is where we can ask questions right? assuming that this board is in deed where we can ask questions, Does 3D coat offer product subscription specials similar to what adobe offers? --(the thing where if your enrolled in a university or college course program etc. you can use the program for the duration of your enrollment) Is 3d coat compatible with blender as a lot of my projects, appear to involve blender to some extent. -- can I use files made in 3d coat in blender and vice versa? -- can I use files made in 3d coat in unity and vice versa? How can I tell if my computer can handle operating 3d Coat without trouble before downloading the program? -- I often see programs list a set of system requirements but I don't really know how to compare my system to the list. I think that's all I have to ask for now. Thanks in advance for any help provided. sincerely, BondedGunner
  2. I have done a lot of research and found loads on youtube, some videos to buy on steam, and found on pluralsight. I bought 3d coat for several reasons and read lots of things about it before i made my decision. The questions i am hoping to be helped with is there anyone that knows a good tutorial to show how to do curves over a hard surface? i was trying to do a bagged pickup truck to try out the modeling. I have been learning blender and i have known about 3d coat for years but finally had the money to buy it. is the pluralsight hard surface 3d coat tutorials any good? could i do a good job in time making characters female or male? would i be better off to sculpt characters in zbrush if i bought it down the road or can i do the same in 3d coat? is it harder to do same stuff in 3d coat as in zbrush? should i just stick to blender for hard surface modeling? I am sure there are more questions i could come up. I have done a lot of reading and i know some answers in ways but not to my liking if that makes sense at all. My plan is to one day be good enough to make my own characters, and etc bring them into i am guessing blender to do small animations with for fun, this is all hobby and would like to create my own universe of people and things that i enjoy that i could share with others for fun. Ty for any help you can give. ( I posted this on steam forums to under the game but i was not sure how many actually used that ( since i bought from steam ). Was not sure to put in 3d coat under general or here so i decided to play it safe to. )
  3. Cminion

    Newbie Questions

    I have seen 3d coat for a long time and finally bought it on steam. Right now i am learning blender but next is 3d coat because it looks like i can have a lot of fun making stuff with it. The questions i have though is this about what i want to do in the future. One day i hope to get good enough to make my on little anime style 3d animations for fun to share with everyone. Questions Should i learn zbrush to or can i sculpt just as well as zbrush for characters? I really want to do my own custom bagged truck and though blender would be best for that but i know you can do some nice stuff hard surface modeling with 3d coat to, so would it be better to do stuff like that in blender, 3d coat, or something else? Is there any good tutorials ( i have looked up loads ) that go over creating curves on hard surface modeling well ( a example would be a car hood or something on those lines ) ? can i make stuff in blender and bring it over to uv unwrap , paint then take back when its ready to be rendered or animated in the future? when it does come to animation down the road should i just learn blender or something like iclone? i am a far ways away from animating but just though i would throw the question in there. ty for any help you can provide 3d coat is a great program from all i have seen. the only thing is i seem to have a hard time finding good tutorials with detailed work and explains things well.
  4. Mr.Panka

    3DC & render man

    Hi ! I have a few questions about renderman. But first, a BIG THANKS TO THE DEV TEAM. you're awesome ! the SSS in the shaders are vastly different between 3DC & Renderman, is there a way to change that ? Or Is there a way to use renderman IPR in the render room to see what I'm doing with the shaders ? Is there a shadow catchers ? I have a few bugs, but I'll post that in the beta threat. It works better and it's more stable that I thought it'd be, it's a good surprise.
  5. Hi everyone ! If I rotate an upside down object (with alt+right click) the control are inverted (need to drag to the right to go left). Is there a way to change that, so I have the same controls even if my model is in a weird pose. I'm working on a project with a lot of object and I'll be useful for me. Thanks
  6. Hi guys I really had an idea of creating something for Dota 2 workshop and I decided on a courier. I am familiar with softwares like 3ds max and 3d coat but I am a casual user and i don't understand some parts to do it till the end. Q1: How should character look? Should i split the parts of body of courier (legs, hands etc...) or I keep it as one part? Q2: What is the workflow? Dota 2 courier asks for max 3000 polygons model which is very low. I just don't understand how can you keep the details of the courier, but guys on workshop somehow does. When i try to retopo my high poly model into fewer polygons i just can't menage the details. Q3: I know that you somehow have to apply texture from high poly to low poly mesh but I don't understand how and there is not enough information online? Q4: I want to export model from 3d coat to 3ds max to animate, but when I do that materials dont apeear to be right, how to adjust it inside? I hope you guys can help and others who has similar ideas to create something for workshop can learn, feel free to send any links that might help, but personally I didn't find any real source of info that really explains everything step by step ( for dummies ) Thanks a lot!!!