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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. Id like to ask if there is some specific commands for retopo room. 1)Is there any way to weld points by distance on selected layer in retopo room? I find my self in need to weld alot of point after doing retopo in 8-16+ symmetry mirror mode, that for some reason left separate after applying symmetry in virtual mode, regardless of mirror snaping value. 2)Is there any way to scale object along custom axis, or anyway to control values of Transformation Gizmo (RetopoTool::TopToolSelectAndOperate)? This type of macro saved me alot of time, flatten selected faces along any global axis. cmd("$[Page2]Transform"); SubstituteInputText(0); cmd("$CubPrimClose::ScaleZ"); But ether i am doing something wrong or else, i could not find anyway way to operate Gizmo through script. Closest clue i found was PrimRotateX/Y/Z, but it seems it have no effect on further spawned gizmo but only mesh in Voxel room. As well as cmd("$CubPrimClose::Rotate") doing nothing with Gizmo and rotating object regardless of "Move only Gizmo check box". I would be eternaly gratefull if anyone shed light on my issues or atleast gave me a hint. PS. Is there a way to get an object under cursor similar to this float x =GetMouseX(); float y =GetMouseY(); bool ScreenRayPicksObject(float x,float y) but to actualy select it, cast it to vertex/edge/face. and get normal ,position, center mass etc. Or a way to acces array of selected object and run script for each of them.