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Found 30 results

  1. d.s.s.g.

    Mesh Trouble

    I am having some trouble with my manual retopo. For a project I did an automatic retopo, until I realized way later that this was a mistake and I should have just done it manually (I have to rig the character I am retopoing). I went back to my 3dcoat file and cleared the automatic retopo, thinking that would be the end of it, and started doing it manually. I realized that while my symmetry was working, I couldn't make a center line. Usually I can click on the "wrong side" of the symmetry plane and a point will automatically appear in the very center. This wasn't working for me on this project for some reason. I brought it up to my teacher, and he said it might be because the previous mesh I thought I cleared is still there. He told me to delete the polygons on the wrong side of the symmetry plane (which I am now realizing was not transparent like the wrong side usually is), turn off symmetry, then turn it back on. For some reason when I tried this, the symmetry plane would not turn back on. So he told me to close the program, open it again and reset my settings if needed. That seemed to work. The issue I now have is that there seems to be another distorted mesh underneath the new retopo I made. I am currently deleting the weird mesh polygon by polygon and hoping my retopo ends up ok. My question is: why did this last thing happen? If anyone could tell me, that would be great.
  2. Hello, guys!! After a while using Zbrush and other stuff in my workflow, I've decided to go back to 3D Coat. It was amazing at first. I was preparing models to be printed. Smooth. And next on the line was to sculpt a simple piece for 3D print. "piece of cake" I thought, but then the nightmare begin. After a while the symmetry stop working properly. Why properly? Because what I do on one size turns in something insane on the other side. The sculpture turns in a bizarre mass of crazy strokes, overlapping polygons and other crazy stuff. I need to deliver this sculpt today. Looks like 3D Coat abandoned me :(
  3. I’ve been asking everyone about this mystery and nobody has been able to explain how this works. I asked multiple people to try the same operation and all they got were 31 points on the bottom of the mesh placed in the same exact way no matter where on the mesh they clicked. As far as I know, the tutorial guy was the only one to have successfully done the operation and not even he has any idea what is going on. We checked everything that could go wrong and NOTHING worked! Please help. FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Hi, Me again. When I try to mirror my object from left to the right, it's just disappeared. I don't know why, could you help?
  5. So I'm retopologizing a head for the first time in 3d coat, and it's going great, except for the symmetry will sometimes break. Heres what I mean: One second the symmetry will be working perfectly, and then, as per my first screenshot, it only shows the geometry that overlaps the x-axis. Disabling symmetry reveals that everything is normal on the one side, but if I toggle it back on the same thing happens. Is too much geometry over the line? No amount of undoing will fix this problem. This has happened twice now. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey, I continue to run into this problem. Sometimes all I have to do is undo a few times, but most of the time this doesn't solve it. My retopo mesh suddenly doesn't show when I turn on symmetry back on again, sometimes it does but just barely visible in a strange behavior. It's very random when it happens, how can it be avoided and fixed when it occurs? P.S, I don't turn on symmetry mid-way, I always turn it on before I begin retopo. Before symmetry: After: Another example: Using version 4.8.07
  7. Hello guys, I love using 3D coat to retopo, UV and texture. I just have an issue on 80% of the models I work on with "symmetry". It will be working great, then out of nowhere later into the project it seems like all the polys snap to the symmetry axis plane... What causes this to happen, how can I prevent/stop it from happening and how can I fix the retopo after this happens. Once I turn off symmetry, the original half goes back to normal, but I can't use symmetry on it again unless I export, import. Did I just answer my question or is there another way? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, what needs to be set again, to make 3DCoat recognize the other side of a fully retopoed mesh for symmetrical brushing over both areas? In Topogun it was quite simple, load up your fully retopoed mesh, activate "symmetry"and then start brushing for relaxing the mesh.
  9. Hi, trying to figure out how to stop tools from affecting both sides of the symmetry plane when your close to the symmetry plan. Example: Move tool. Say I've got two spheres close to the symmetry plane. I want to move/stretch the left edge of the right sphere, left towards the symmetry plane. But since the brush also goes over the opposite sphere it also affects it and the move tool essentially moves/stretches left and right at the same time due to the move tool and symmetry with nothing really happening.
  10. photonmammoth

    Local Symmetry Non-Existent??

    Hey guys! So I just picked up the trial for 3Dcoat today after watching most of the videos, and I imported a model I have from zbrush (that is a little bit off of 0,0,0 but I figured no biggie cause local symmetry) but when that is enabled in the symmetry window in the retopo room, nothing seems to happen at all?? I've read through this post on the issue and there doesn't seem to be much of a fix? Also how does the bounding box selection for symmetry work exactly? Couldn't find any explanations on that but it sounds like it would be helpful
  11. Hey guys! So I just picked up the trial for 3Dcoat today after watching most of the videos, and I imported a model I have from zbrush (that is a little bit off of 0,0,0 but I figured no biggie cause local symmetry) but when that is enabled in the symmetry window in the retopo room, nothing seems to happen at all?? I've read through this post on the issue and there doesn't seem to be much of a fix? Also how does the bounding box selection for symmetry work exactly? Couldn't find any explanations on that but it sounds like it would be helpful
  12. kait kybar

    Symmetry problems

    Hi. Im having problems with symmetry. Quite often when I make symmetry copy the whole mesh disappears. Seems like its trying to copy empty side. Global space not helping.* Thanks
  13. So, when I use 3D coat sometimes the topology keeps using the command "invert mirror" sometimes when I do something. Is there a way to fix this? Why does it happens? Any turn around the issue?
  14. I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice about how to get to grips with 3D Coat for retopology. I bought the program a couple of weeks ago, to speed up my retopology and UV workflow. The UV part of the program has been very easy to use and I think that I'll get to grips with it quite soon. However, I am having trouble getting up to speed with retopology using the program. On the face of it the 3D Coat seems brilliant for retopology. The tools that I have worked out how to use seem quite straight forward. However, I am encountering issues that are really slowing me down. It might be useful here to explain what I'm trying to do and the workflow that I'm trying to develop. My primary 3D software is Zbrush and 3dsMax and this is where I'd have done any retopology in the past. I've been importing high res meshes in for reference and then trying to edit a low res Zremesh - the areas that I want to retopo are the face, ears and hands. I usually manage to rebuild the detail that I need for these areas, but I'm encountering some issues with symmetry. The main concern is that faces, edges or vertices that overlap the line of symmetry which can either not be welded or have overlapping faces and edges. This will obviously cause the mesh seams to split when subdividing it back in Zbrush. I've managed to clean up meshes with messy symmetry in 3dsMax - but instead of speeding me up is adding another layer of work. Is there something that I can do about this? Also, I've struggled to fully get to grips with symmetry in 3D Coat. There is virtual symmetry and actual symmetry. Whilst this concept is easy to come to terms with when creating entirely new geometry, it's harder to understand when working on an imported retopo mesh. When I import the mesh that I want to edit and then turn on symmetry (with virtual symmetry) - I get a pale preview of the other side, but if I turn off virtual symmetry the actual geometry still exists. So I'm not sure if this is causing me problems - my mesh may look finished and clean but in fact its got other unseen hidden geometry. It would be nice to simply select and delete the polys on the side that I will not need, but this doesn't appear to be an easy process. The selection tool in 3D Coat appears to work like a brush, with no selection marquee. Getting rid of a whole side of geometry that you don't need would be fast to do in either Zbrush or 3dsMax. Is there a quick way to do this inside 3D Coat? Would I be better for me to import only half of the mesh for retopology? My primary concern is about the main line of symmetry running down the middle of the mesh. Instead of seeing a simple seam there can be a confusing zig zag of edges or overlapping faces. In 3dsMax, you can delete half your model set the transform modifier to Slice Along Mirror and Weld Seams to avoid problems. Are there settings that offer this option in 3D Coat? On the whole, I'm impressed with the program. However, I do wish that there were more quick start tutorials about how to use the 3D Coat. Many of the tutorials go in to detail about areas of the program that I'm unlikely to use at the moment and many of them seem to be from earlier versions. It would be nice if there were some more recent tutorials - like myself, a great many of your users must have come to this program from Zbrush just for retopology and UVs. I ended up resubbing to PluralSight hoping that they'd have some decent tutorials to follow, They are okay, but don't address the issues that are concerning me. Anyway, I will keep watching the video tutorials on this site to see if I can get the answers that I need - though it is quite time consuming and a bit hit and miss. So if anyone could offer some advice about how to make progress with symmetry in 3D Coat then I'll be grateful
  15. If you've modeled something with Symmetry OFF, and now you need it duplicated (there's probably my answer) across the X axis, how does one go about doing that? Tnx.
  16. Is there actually a concept of local space in 3D Coat? When I import an FBX from Blender, seems like all local space information is lost, as I can't really use the Symmetry's local space options.
  17. Hello guys, I have a silly little Problem with my Symmetry in Coat ( CUDA-DX64 - Steamversion). I have Imported a Blender Model as Obj, ordered Coat to create a new UV automaticly and started to texture it. The Symmetry window is open, the symmetry is enabled and should mirror the X-Axis. No matter what type of Symmetry ( global or local) does not matter, i tried both and nothing was fixed. If I draw my texture at the right side, i was used that symmetry mirror should do the same on the left side too since symmetry is active. Thats what I think atleast. Of course the Program tries it, but the Painted Line gets broken and shattered, while the side where i am drawing everything works fine. I guess i probably did something wrong in the settings, but i have no idea where i can find a setting for the range of symmetry-painting if it does exist. here is just a example image, which shows what exactly happens actualy on symmetry mode.:
  18. I find myself having a heck of a time getting symmetry to work for me. If I turn off Virtual Mirror mode and have 3D-Coat actually create the mirrored geometry for me, I eventually get a non-symmetrical mess on the mirrored side. I don't know how it gets so out of sync, but when I use the "Make symmetrical copy of the layer" button in the Retopo Objects to fix the issue, I then get junk polygons all collapsed in the center line. When I turn on Virtual Mirror mode I have an issue where the vertices don't clip or snap to the symmetry plane. To cleanup the model I had to go through my entire mesh, pulling the center verts away from the center and then deleting all the exposed extraneous polygons. Now I have an edge loop that I want to snap back to the symmetry plane. I could do this is less than a second in Blender by selecting the loop and scaling the selection to 0 on the x axis, but I am trying to force myself to get proficient in 3D-Coat. How do I snap an edge loop to the center or symmetry plane on the X axis? In other words, how do I scale a selected edge loop to 0 on the global X axis? Thanks in advance for the help. Bryson
  19. What is the workflow to use the Strokes Tool on cylindrical forms when the symmetry plane goes down the middle of the cylindrical form? I have tried drawing straight through from outside to outside and it appeared that I had doubled up geometry. I tried just drawing from the outside of one half towards the center and that looked messed up too.
  20. bperes

    Symmetry and clone tool

    Hey so I seen people use the clone tool to "stamp" similar shapes multiple times onto a vox layer. Awesome! So I dove in and am trying to make a rancor sculpt and am on the hands. I decided to make one claw and just clone it. So I used the spike tool to make a claw on a new layer: Then I selected it with the clone tool: What's weird is that it now has the transform manipulator at the origin. I've seen people use the clone tool with the manip on the actual object. What's wrong here? Well opting to still move it, I moved it only to find two claws sliding from each other as if there was symmetry on it's own plane: I really don't know what's happening. I just want to stamp, move, stamp like I've seen other people do. Anyone know what's wrong?
  21. alvordr

    [SOLVED] Axial Symmetry

    Hey. I've seen several of the tutorials using the Axial tool, but it appears that there isn't a true Axial Symmetry function in 3DC. The minute I click on Axial, it duplicates the Voxel layer, instead of simply letting me sculpt on that one object/layer with radial symmetry. Am I missing something?
  22. Hello! Playing around with 3d coat for the first time, I've created a face in zbrush, and now I'm looking to retopo and uv it. I've managed to finish the retopo version (the retopo tools were VERY nice to work with) with x symmetry turned on, it looks something like this: Here's the part I'm unsure of. I'd like to "commit" to the symmetry, and have one full mesh. (Similar to doing a duplicate of the half, mirror, and merge in other 3d apps). I tried out hitting the "Symmetry" button, which gives me these results, as you can see some of the edges along the symmetry line are no longer visible: With the UV Mark seams too, I can highlight edges that should be there, but no visual feedback indicates I've selected anything. Selecting the edges I can see turn green. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  23. Bloodsong

    Retopo By Hand

    heyas guys; i didn't like the results i was getting from AUTOPO, so i started retpologizing by hand. a good learning experience. :X i have a model that is made up of repeating elements (holes through a bar). so i thought i would build one segment, and then copy that segment where the other holes are. even smarter, i thought i would build 1/4 of the segment, then mirror the top to bottom, the front to back, and then the side to side, to get the whole piece. i have discovered clone. and i scaled the clone of the first 1/4 to -100% to get a vertically mirrored copy. the edges aren't perfectly straight, and the bottom edge of the top piece is overlapping the top edge of the bottom piece. even if i merge the two retopo groups together. so: how do i weld vertices? or how do i weld chunks of retopo to each other... without drawing more polygons between them? i got the vertices all into alignment with the transform tool. but the two pieces still think they are separate. they're all one retopo group, just... two different colours. :/
  24. It would be great to have the ability to have 3D Coat identify unsymmetrical areas via an automatic paint that could essentially not only show where you have regions like that, but also to be able to ignore those areas when doing retopo/paint work.
  25. FreezeFrame


    Hello. I ran into a slight problem. When adding objects and merging them to a scene. Is it possible after merging two objects at the symmetry line to adjust their distance from the line after? It allows during placement. All I noticed was if they are separate instances only 1 can be moved at a time unless they are joined as one then they both move. Also I made a very slight mistake when I merged two objects to form as one. I must of had symmetry off or something because I noticed a slight out of symmetry mistake, somehow. Is it possible to make a mesh not symmetrized into one? It's no big problem and the slight mesh deformation won't affect animation at all.