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Found 6 results

  1. Can someone test please ? If I get confrim, I report it mantis or mail to Andrew. I suppose, geometry editing room (current beta room name , aka tweak room) Move tool can restrict with normal direction, by use ctrl, (tip discirbe so,,) but when I use ctrl with mouse, it seems not work (do not move at all), of course there is "draw" but it sometimes work too qucik, and for my purpose (just make morph to adjust shape) I like to use Move tool. And one more ,, Select/Transform tool can set selection with gradiant. or paint selection but the gradiant weight visibility is not good well, I , can I set color for selection weight as I need? and there is no pivot controll when move by gizmo,, so I can only move X,Y,Z direction. it is little pity. or there is way to set pivot for this tool?
  2. I'm having some trouble with the tweak room, everytime I click on it, my model is invisible. If I hover my cursor over it, it's still there, but I can't see anything. I haven't seen anything about this online either.
  3. I need to scale down my model dramatically, and I have a ton of stray objects. Additionally some objects are inside of other objects, making them extremely difficult to select. Is there a way to "select all" in the tweak room, and if not, would it be possible to export an OBJ, scale it down in another program, and somehow reimport all of the textures?
  4. Bloodsong

    Tweak Room Draw Strength

    heyas guys; 3DC V4.0.07B(gl) when i'm working in the voxel room, and use the expand brush, i set the depth strength to determine how high/fast i want the voxels to expand. then i brush across the model and i get a nice rising of the model's surface. when i'm in the tweak room, and i use the draw tool... i brush across the model, and the surface just shoots out to extremes at the slightest touch. and i have to set the strength down to nearly flat in order to control it. now... does it work like this for anyone else? if so, can i request that the strength of this thing be tempered a bit? um, or a lot, actually. :X (im using a poser mode, and poser is notorious for having its universe be microscopic compared to other 3d programs. if this is just a result of working on such a small scale, then you can ignore me.)
  5. Hi there, I wanted to ask if there were a way add edges to your mesh in the tweak room? It seems like it should be there but I don't see it. I also was wondering if while you moved verts around, it relaxed that vert in your uvs to maintain their integrity so when you're back painting you don't have stretching. (though 3dc seems to compensate for that awesomely anyway) Just two questions. Thanks all.