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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the help... Ive made new uv sets, transferred the islands to the respective sets then used the update uv sets, then deleted unused sets, the new uv set applied and appears in the paint room but the old ones remain in the retopo room. When i try upload the mesh to secondlife, it appears the old UV set is the one exported because im getting black space and massive stretching on the texture. What have i done wrong for this?
  2. Hi guys! I'm having problems exporting from 3D Coat to Sketchfab. When exporting to Sketchfab all of my UV sets are being separated into Surface Materials, so it's making my life super complicated when trying to assign textures in Sketchfab. Is there any way I can group Surface Materials? I have 10 UV sets, which is turning into like 20 odd surface materials... Pleaseeeee help!! Thank you
  3. andre3000

    how to merge uv sets?

    I have managed to autoretopo 2 objects out of 4 but they have a separate uv set, how do I have them share the uv set?
  4. RossJLW

    Multiple UV Sets???

    Hey Guys, Well I am officially confused and It was made me just not be able to think. I have a model in 3D Coat, which is a little goblin, he has a shield and sword. Within his unwrap, I created 3 UVSets, clothing, sword, skin. Now I am confused as to how I apply these to my model in other programs?? bECAUSE i CAN ONLY USUALLY SELECT ONE DIFFUSE MAP, YET I HAVE 3. Thanks!