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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm at my wits end trying to utilize 3DC Fill Tool (Layer/Surface/Object) and "Import for Vertex Painting/Big Reference" features to produce high quality Vertex Colored or Shader Meshes. Basically every attempt has resulted in a significant loss of detail when 3DC macOS 4.7.28 converts pixel texture data to vertex colors like this example: 3DCoat Vertex painting - painting with procedural textures. I'm hopeful that I've simply overlooked a feature in 3DC but thus far switching layer modes S/V, etc. doesn't yield better results, so I'm at the mercy of the community's help. I've searched the entire forum already and haven't found another topic addressing how best to go about this however my workflow for the objects I intend to create relies heavily on this styled approach. I'm sure I could take the time to increase every mesh resolution and focus on poly-painting every detail up close but I'd like to take the lazy man approach and simply import a bitmap texture and allow 3DC to initially fill or flood the mesh vertices first to save time on multiple objects that will import into Unity at the end of the workflow. Blender's Bake U/V Texture to Vertex Color Tool is another example of how I wish to achieve this, but would prefer to accomplish within 3DC if its possible.
  2. Hi everyone, as the title says I'm trying to look for a way to do this. I did some research myself to see if I could find the answer but none seem to have a clear answer to what I'm seeking. So far the only workaround I've found was to export my model as a .ply, which isn't what I need. As stated here in the last paragraph under the "Paint Room" header, it says that I can "Bake your vertex colors and PTEX textures to standard UV Maps for usage anywhere" - I'm assuming this is the same as Zbrush's auto generate UV button after polypainting. Where can I find this function? The thread I could find closest to the question I was asking was: But based off of the answers it sounds like there's no such button to auto-generate a UV based off of vertex color. This confuses me because the documentation says otherwise, no?
  3. I made a high-poly mesh, having vertex color data (I painted it in Paint Room, while in surface mode). How can I create a texture map (without a retopologization and an additional rework) and transfer vertex color to it? (Then save it) Also, can I export the mesh to some file format, not losing the vertex color data?
  4. I am wondering what a good workflow would be for a 3d scan data (point cloud) that has been converted to a high poly mesh with vertex colour then decimated to be workable in 3D coat for retopology. So the decimated mesh has reduced the detail in the vertex colour so I cannot use it for baking the textures therefore I need to use the original high poly scannrf mesh (80mil triangles) with vertex colour to transfer the texture to the retopolized mesh. I am finding the original mesh is huge so it kills 3D coat... I may need to split the mesh then somehow bake the retopo'd mesh with the broken up original mesh... hope this all makes sense. What I am doing: Point cloud scan --> generated mesh ---> decimated ---> Retopolized ----> transfer original generated vertex colour to retopo'd mesh Any help is appreciated. It would be awesome if 3D coat imported point clouds to bake textures.....
  5. Hi! I'm evaluating 3dcoat for use with 3d scan data. I have a mesh with vertex color but need to bake it into a texture. 3d coat has recently added vertex color imports, and it does import them properly, but Ivery confused on the workflow needed to convert them to textures :| Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!