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[Solved] Lightwave FiberFX Guide Creator


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Some changes/additions to the spline tool in the retopo room could open up a nice Lightwave fiberfx guide creator:

1. Export splines to LW FiberFX compatible guides. (a general spline export would be nice also)

  • Each guide is made up of a 2 point poly chain and a 1 point poly "root" as the base. (see attached sample. And a description on Worley's site here under "Guide Geometry".)
  • the root poly needs to have a separate surface (ie called "root")
  • The rest of the 2 pt poly chain can be called "Fiber"
  • The order of guide creation is important. One way that seems to work is to first create the root 1 point poly at the first point of the spline, then create the rest of the 2 point poly chain. Repeat with the rest of the splines. Creating all the 2 point poly chains then going back and creating all the 1 point root polys does not seem to work.

2. Option to "snap only base". While drawing spline, snap only first point of spline to surface then draw spline on screen plane (ie when cursor leaves object and draws in empty space) this way we can draw splines perpendicular to the surface or raised while the root is attached to the surface of the object.

3. Option to "stick spline base". Stick allows the spline to be modified either by point or by brush but the user cannot move the root.

4. Option to keep distance between points of spline so we can modify their position but keep length of guide the same.

5. Allow the brush to modify multiple splines.

6. Allow points on the spline that are not snapped to surface to be selected and modified.


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You can already save Curves (from the Curve tool), but I could see the benefit in allowing one to export those curves in a format that can be read in an external application. I personally like the hair sculpting capability already in 3D Coat, using the Muscles tool (build a base from the head, a primitive or use the Curves tool to create large clumps and sculpt the smaller strands on top of that with the Muscles tool).

You could export the resulting hair cap, as is, from the voxel room, with vertex painting applied, and then apply a hair shader. If you wanted even more realism, you could apply FiberFX to the hair cap and have the strand combed along the direction of the clumps.

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Sorry guys, I got some terminology confused. I mean saving the splines from the Strokes tool in the Retopo room.

I would like to create and modify the splines created by the strokes tool and export those as guides for FiberFX in Lightwave.

Thanks for the tips AbnRanger. The sculpted hair cap would give a surface to draw strokes onto for the hair strands, then I would just need to be able to export the strokes from the retopo room.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Lightwave FiberFX Guide Creator

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