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I'm not new here, but it's my debut in gallery.

What pushed me to share this WIP was topic posted by DavidF: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10030

I was shocked how many similarities our sculptures have. My work is a little bit older i guess. I even don't remember when i started it...

Process of sculpting didn't take so long, but whole idea is evolving in my head from looong time.

First i started to jam with my tablet and 3D Coat with target to create toon/comic book style character.

I'm not sure but i feel, my character style is similar to some Marvel or DC hero/antyhero (i'll be glad if someone help me find a clue ).

Then i started to think, and realized that this style is a little bit like (may i say) "soviet cubism":


but with more flow and oval shapes.

Now I've got idea about Siegfried (don't have surname yet). An nazi engineer whose dream was to create a time machine during WW2.

Maybe i'll create short animation, don't know yet, but first i need to create portrait.

So here it is:



I hope sharing my work will push me to finish this fella. Retopology of a head is done. Now I'll make hair, uniform and oldschool, round glasses.


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Thanks man !!

Your idea with cylindrical brain is brilliant !!

Check this out:

You probably seen this, but when there are takes on David talking, you can find cubic skulls on a background, behind a glass.

Imagine all anatomy based on cubic shapes. Like unique alien species :)

AFAIK there is no possibility to edit old posts, so i want to re-upload cubism reference and add few more:




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Nice references! Stone golems guys dressed in navy suits :)

You made me cry with the Prometheus trailer.

It is not released yet in Japan.

I have to wait until the 27th of August to watch it...

I'm waiting for your final version of the sculpt.

I wonder how you will include hair and glasses

without changing to much the head shape.

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In fact hair are almost done (basic version and Clark Kent style :D ):


And here is retopo of a head i prepared earlier:


Low poly will be a little bit changed, because i need to open his mouth for rigging/animation.

Cloths and items will be modeled in Blender or Maya, but i will back to 3D Coat for UVs and texture painting.

You made me cry with the Prometheus trailer.

It is not released yet in Japan.

Yeah i know your pain. In Poland the premiere was moved to tomorrow (friday 20.07) because of Euro 2012 football cup...
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