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[Mixamo Fantasy War character contest] WIP

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Polyphemus the Cyclops

Polyphemus (11px-Loudspeaker.svg.png/ˌpɒlɨˈfməs/; Ancient Greek: Πολύφημος Polyphēmos) is the gigantic one-eyed son of Poseidon and Thoosa in Greek mythology, one of the Cyclopes. His name means "much spoken of" or "famous".[1] Polyphemus plays a pivotal role in Homer's Odyssey.

Sketch using Krita. Is my entry for Mixamo Contest 2012.


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Hi, ty all.

Im using the 3DCoat Mannequin available in the build following the current 3.7.12E, and it's subcomponents accessible in the Models Pallet.

My copy is a 3B file in My Documents under 3D-Coat>VoxStamps>Objects.

I suppose that ZBrush Zspheres modeling tool is -may be- a better way to begin a model from scratch

The big difference using 3DC Curves is that you canT edit LATER the voxel/surface curve.

And... because we havent a metaball tool to make a "floating state modeling way" that would be edited/modified later, im using a boolean method adding/subtracting volumes using primitives -blob is very good for muscles, like example-


Thanks for looking! :)

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yeah you right :D

original idea changed a lot because...

Sellswords and mercenaries could be defined as humans. In fact we welcome humans.


Now the model is more an Aztecian Warrior... lol

* cant edit the original post.

Regards !

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