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The request about a curves tool.


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Thank you for the comment.

Although the radius of a spline changes, it does not give change to a brush radius.

Therefore, it is changeless on the drawn line.

The size of a point affects a brush radius.

I would like to change the radius of all the points.

If the radius of the point which made multiple selection can also be changed, in addition, it is good.

A use version is 3d-Coat-V37-16-CUDA64 windows.

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If I misunderstand what you are asking, forgive me...

Yes, that is a good feature request to be added as an option. Sometimes you want the brush radius to change with the scaling of the points for the next curve you are going to lay down and sometimes not.

I can give you a workaround for now.

Once you have drawn out your curve and scaled it.

Next open up the edit points dialog box.

Now copy the size of the radius.

Before starting your next curve, paste that number into the radius box (Top Menu) for your brush radius.

Your new curve will match the one same scaled one you just finished.

Hope this helps some.


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Thank you for teaching.

However, your method does not become workaround.

Explanation is tried by video.

Please have a look in original size.

I depend for many portions on the translator.

There is a possibility that I also misunderstand many.

I write from the beginning, in order to avoid misunderstanding.

"curves" is selected.


"translate brush along curbe"


"rotate along stroke"

A curve is drawn by "curves".






There are some problems.

After drawing a curve, all control points (brush radius) cannot be changed simultaneously.

"add scale""edit points"By this method, the thickness of a spline (tube) is only changed.

The radius of a control point is required for"translate brush along curbe"

I think that there is also a Boolean opinion by a tube.

However, then depending on an object, it does not become a beautiful line.

It is a big problem that rotation of a spline (tube) is also uncontrollable depending on the form of a spline (tube).

My workaround in this time uses brush form.

However, this is not free.

You have to make a control point into a suitable size first.

Another problem.

If all the control points are moved simultaneously, it will not stick to an object.

It is checking to "conform" ...

Thank you for viewing.

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