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Camera rotation on Z axis


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Hello guys,

Sorry for my newbie questions , but i wasn't able to find how to rotate the camera around the Z local Axis.

If somebody have any idea.

Thank you very much,


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The 3DC camera is really a "work-oriented" camera, being designed to rotate around the last point on the model that you worked on or "picked" (clicking on model with right mouse button). There isn't a physical representation of this camera in the viewport (like other apps) - nor is there a 2nd view, allowing you to adjust the main camera from a different point of view.

By using "Shift", just as you near the orthographic view you are approaching, you can obtain that view precisely (Top, Front, Side, etc.), releasing the Left Mouse Button after that.

Greg Smith

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The only camera options that I know of that will change how you rotate around the object is located here, shown in the picture.

I do not think this is what you are asking but knowing where the camera options are located is a good thing...


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Thank you for this advice, it helped.

Actually, I was looking for ROLL around X. But by changing to simply "ROLL", it works for that.

Also, When I assign a key for "roll", I decided to use ALT + RMB + LMB because move in screen space already has MMB and ALT+MMB.

Roll about each axis should be available in default settings.

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