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3D coat and the orthopedic industrie


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Before I studied graphics, I studied for orthopedic technician. That's someone who makes protheses of legs and other limbs. Since we now have fast and cheap 3D scanning with Reconstructme software, I was wundering thinking about the endless posibilities that 3D Coat offers for this industie. You could 3Dscan limbs for protheses and do some very nice modeling of legs. Sometimes they also have to make ortheses. That are small corsets build on casts of the limb that correct the limb. In 3D Coat you can use the retopo tools to draw geometry on the object and do that stuff. 3D Coat has to be equiped with exact measurement tools for that. 3D Coat also has to be able to load Autocad files of knee joints in protheses etc... You could then export the model to an STL file -> perhaps do already some curve calculations for the cat cam milling -> and mill the object. I once saw a video of someone using voxels to convert CT scans to 3D objects. If someone has a fracture on his skull 3D Coat could be used to model the rest of the skull.

I hope Andrew has thought about this and could use this little tips and suggestions to improve his truly amazing piece of software.



( Sorry for my bad english, my native language is dutch and I don't know the exact words for all the specific terms in english.)

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This has probably already occurred to someone in the business. The Economist recently ran an article on the new world of distributed manufacturing opened up by 3D printing. Adapting 3D-Coat to this new paradigm might reward Andrew enough to justify the programming.

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I think there is something similar already in the works. If I remember correctly, a Spanish company is licensing Voxel Sculpting technology/tools for medical/dental industry. They were trying to come up with a good name for the toolset. Maybe Andrew can chime in here and clarify.

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