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Writing rawvox files


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So forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, but I'd like to write a rawvox file from a series of images. All I need to know is the exact structure of the rawvox file. I've seen in previous posts in this forum the structure is as follows:


int Magic 'RVOX'

int SizeX

int SizeY

int SizeZ

int bits_per_voxel - 8,16,32, 32 means float values

...raw voxel data...


The thing is though, I don't know how this translates to the actual writing of a file. When I open a rawvox file in a text editor, all I see is 'XOVR' followed by unreadable characters. Does this mean I can't just write a file directly - must it be converted to something that's not human-readable first? Any help would be greatly appreciated! What would a rawvox file of a simple model look like - say a 3x3 cube of solid voxels?

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