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3DCoat bug report & feature request website: Register here for Mantis

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Do you like to report some bug but don't know how to do that ?

Do you like to do some request, but don't know if another user ask for the same before ?

3DC use a great system to help with it.

The Mantis web site.


Of Course you can always post it on the Forum Support Section


At Mantis you can find change logs, day to day reports about bugs and 3DC request list.

Fell free to ask for an account there.

Your help is welcome.

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Following you see an short doc how to set an issue status. You see how to set an issue to "resolved" or how to "close" it f.e.

Best wishes


Before seeing this options please open the regarding issue first.




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Mantis news


Hi guys. I have added a new Project called "3D Coat AppLink" to the 3D Coats bugtracking system.

There you have can post bugs related to 3D Coats AppLinks. So if you have any issues or feature requests, then post them into this project. The AppLink programmers will look into the system as soon as possible to give you feedback.


Here is a small manual for unexperienced mantis users, how to post an issue into the new AppLink area after you are logged in:


1. Choose the right project area and click the "switch" button.



2. Now click on "Report Issue", the following window appear.



3. Before posting something it is important to choose the right CATEGORY FIRST !

The categories represent the AppLinks for 3D Coat. Choose the one you are using.



4. Now form a good summary and fill out the fields. The most important is the "Description" field. It is always very helpful when you post steps, how to reproduce the problem. Please use the corresponding region. If you can't reproduce an issue, then check the option in the "Reproducibility" pull down menu first. There you will find more options too. What ever you post, please take the time and try to fulfill all fields completely.


4a. If you have an example file, the attach it to the issue too.


4b. If you have an issue that have not to be seen by other people but the developer, then set it to "private". In this case it is very important to assign the right developer  in the field "Assign to". Else only you and the admins will see the issue, but not the developer himself.

IMPORTANT: The most issues should be posted "public", which is the default setup. This helps to get feedback from other people like bug approves f.e.



5. When you are ready, click on "Submit report".


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There doesn't appear to be a lot of activity on Mantis. Andrew needs to contact the guys who are in charge of each script and have them update their respective scripts...as many are not functioning do to the applinks looking to the old MyDocs/ 3D Coat V3 directory. The 3ds Max script is hard to get working, and the Modo script does not work with V4.

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