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PINCHing TOOL until it tears...

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So, it looks as though you can over use the Pinch Tool

to the point you tear the Object surface.

I was getting real crisp edges...and then...Riiiiiiiiipppp... :(

I understand the Pinch Tool is a "Surface" Tool.

Interestingly enough, it can be used both in Surface Mode and Voxel Mode.

What would the difference be between Surface Mode and Voxel Mode when using this Tool?

NOTE: I have the newest Trial Version only at the moment.

I was using it in Voxel Mode when this happened.

Should I have been in Surface Mode instead for better, non-ripping results?

Are there any Tips or Guidelines to using this Tool in a non-newbish way? ;)

The bottom of my screen said:

fps:25 Free 13977 mb Pointers:24 740; Object Scale: 1.00(NonUniform) Visible triangles: 101 460;

Curr.obj, tris:101 460

I suspect I need to understand about Polygon densities/amounts in a Model

and how to best set the proper amount for the best results...

I know it's important, but I really don't have any clue of putting it into working practice, unfortunately.

...is that a can of worms I hear opening? :D


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...I forgot to mention, I only had 1 Voxel Layer besides the "Root" Layer in the Voxel Tree

when I was working on this.

Should I have had a 2nd Voxel Layer...1 for Voxel Mode and 1 for Surface Mode?

I did not, because I figured switching from Voxel Mode to Surface Mode on the 1 Voxel Layer was enough.

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Ripping isn't good anyway - maybe that's a bug. One thing to always remember: the higher the resolution, the crisper the details. I think it is even more applicable to voxels.

P.S. Think of layers as in Photoshop. Add another layer if you need it to be independent.

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The 2 Pinch tools are actually 2 different tools designed to work in a similar manner. Since your poly count is relatively small, try using the Voxel version of the Pinch tool.

Remember that Voxels are volume based 3D pixels, so tearing is not an issue with them. In Surface Mode you are dealing with a skin of polygons where it is possible to get stretching (and, sometimes tearing).

You only need one layer to go back and forth between Voxel mode and Surface mode.

Greg Smith

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You're using the surface pinch here ( still on a voxel volume but your brush is on the surface section).

So it means, if you keep on pinching and pinching, the surface will eventually "cross" itself.

3dcoat's surface pinch is working well BUT it doesn't "stop" vertices that are at the center of the brush, if you pinch too much the vertices actually go negative in displacement, generating errors such as the one you're describing. It doesn't tear the surface, it makes it "inside out". If you relax your pinching a bit it should come ok (too much pinching is never good anyway, if you want to simulate hard edges leaving a bit of softness to planes help sell the object)

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