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Would be sweet if Andrew would at some point, expose the Render Room/Workspace to this team (and/or perhaps Octane Render) enough for them to create a 3D Coat plugin. This way, Andrew doesn't have to waste time re-inventing the wheel.The layout looks very similar to the Render room (except the control panel is on the left side...minor details :) ) as it is.

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- Alias|Wavefront Object (.obj)

- Autodesk FBX (.fbx). Mesh data only; does not currently support animation data.

- Marmoset Mesh Format (.mesh) This is Marmoset’s proprietary mesh format for the Marmoset Engine.

This format can contain vertex positions, normals, tangents, bitangents, colors, vertex weights, and a full complement of texture coordinates.

ATM only Maya have a marmoset exporter plugin (mel) stoogeExport_maya

3DC to .mesh exporter will be awesome !

<--- happy recently owner :)

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Marmoset support replied my plugin request:

As far as plugin support, I am sorry to report that no, we do not have an SDK available to create .mesh exporter plugins for other software packages, such as 3DCoat.

Our .mesh format is quite simple though, so I'm going to make note of this request and see if we can put together a simple SDK to release with upcoming software updates.

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