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Start to Paint Outside Mesh Borders Tutorial by Taros


Go to solution Solved by Zafio,

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I thought I repost the link to Taros's video tutorial on " How to start to painting outside mesh borders" for all the newer users of 3DCoat.

What that means is that you can start your paint stroke outside the mesh and when the stroke hits the mesh, the paint is applied... The object is not rotated.

It is a very useful feature. Thanks for the tutorial again, Chris... :D


You can watch the whole tutorial or jump to 4:00 to see how it works and get the information you need to set it up yourself...

The video can be downloaded from Taros's blog...

The first part of the video is just showing a problem that was fixed quite awhile ago.

"When you need to rotate the mesh object,hold down your ALT key in combination with your left mouse button or tablet pen"

Edit: It is not limited to just the paint room but can be used in voxel / surface mode as well because it is a custom preset navigation setup..

Date of the video

Dec 22, 2010

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Hi, Taros is on vacation at the moment.

To paint outside of mesh borders go to the Camera button on the top right corner of the 3D viewport, then customize. Find the control for navigating with the only the LMB, and delete it. Since there is already an event for this nav with Alt+LMB you can still navigate. Hit ok and paint, Souls perform as you're wanting it to without navigating.

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Thanks Javis! Although it isn't what I expected. Unless I did something wrong, it won't paint until the center of the cursor reaches the object, and I would like the brush to start painting as soon as the "outer side" of the brush reaches the mesh, like this:



So question is, is it possible? if not, should I add this to Mantis requests? (couldn't find anything like it)

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Ahh, I see now. Yes that would make a great feature. [emoji4] If you could add it to Mantis that would be cool. I'll get it assigned to Andrew after it's posted, just put the link here. Thanks!

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