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Yesterday, I decided to make better use of my new (faster) drive by moving Windows 7 (along with my programs) onto it. For this, I used Acronis True image Home 2011. Everythying seemed to work great until I tried to launch 3D Coat (Student), at whichpoint, I was greeted by the following message:


I still have my original windows drive atm, but I intend to format it and continue to use the new drive. How do I deactivate 3D Coat on my old drive, so that I can continue using it with my new(ish) setup?

I intend to change in my laptop (with my other student 3D Coat install) in the next week or two, so any help woul be appreciated.

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If you intend to format, than that is basically the same as uninstalling the license from the machine. Unlike how adobe does it, so you have nothing to worry about.

Just install your license as normal, and you're squared away.

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3dcoat license system is great, it doesn't rely on a machine id in a database with two states (activated or not).

It checks at intervals if a running license is executed on multiple computers at the same time. So if you format your drive the license is not associated to a static "id" and it's as if you uninstalled it.

Andrew got it right, there's nothing more annoying than having to contact every support for software to reset an active license linked to an older/different (another windows installation on the same machine for instance) computer if you have to erase your drive after a faulty harddrive or something like that.

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