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V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

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Hi guys,


just importedd PBR to my folders but it doesn't works

i get this error message:


Unable to compile shader


shader: obj_tbn

defines: # VIEW_ENV

Compiling log: 


retry   /     Skip



More Infos:


Camera orthographique render full black

Camera Perspective render grey background + Black object

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Btw, in gdrive folder - there is masks.rar and materials.3dcpack. It is not beta! It is alpha or tech demo - only for those who is ready to risk! I renew it almost daily. So if you still want - download, unrar, overwrite installation folder and look. Keep backup of Docs/3D-CoatV4/patterns folder.


And it is not for announcements anywhere.

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there is a new build btw


masks.rar - uncompressed to 3DC folder

materials.3dcpack - installed as extension


open the new file 3D-CoatDX64SF.exe


This were your steps ?




Surface PBR Paint must be done using the new PBR shader



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This new PBR system looks amazing!


From what I was able to try out, it's a breath of fresh air. It's truly fantastic work :). In all honesty, between voxels, UVing, UV tiles, retopology, cubic projection... and now PBR, 3dcoat is one of my favorite 3d tools ever. Keep up the great work!


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Sorry, this may sound like a stupid question, but is PBR in the current build, because I can't find it.



Not stupid. :)


It's an alpha build, the file you need is in google drive and requires a little bit of manual work. Here's a quick guide:



Here are the instructions on getting/using the beta. There is no proper installer yet, so you'll need to do some manual actions.

You'll need:


Here's what to do:

  • Copy the entire installation folder of 4.1.17D to a new folder (name is unimportant, just remember what you call it)
  • Extract the contents of 'masks.rar' into this new copied folder
  • Replace all extracted contents of 'masks.rar' when prompted
  • Run 3D-CoatDX64SF.exe, this is the alpha build


PBR Viewport shading uses environment maps, which can be changed from the Camera menu. Anything that says "Environment" relates to this function. To create PBR Materials, open the PBR Materials panel (it might not be named that in the build, it could still be called "Stamps" fwiw) and click "New", you'll be prompted with the new PBR Material Editor window.

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