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Links for the last greatest build for v3 can be found below. Remember the beta features are intended for v4 so... Use them at your own risk. Also before reporting any bugs or feature requests, please check if v4 has what you're looking for first.


Beta versions contain bugfixes and features for upcoming V4. Beta features intended for V4 may be enabled or disabled via Edit->Preferences->Show beta tools. Pay attention that versions from 3.7.14 it are actually V4 betas and many features that you see there are actually V4 preview. Beta features are LC tools, iconic UI, colored specular/emissive, scaled projection for photoshop, some new retopo tools, vertex voxel painting and some other, you may check it with "Show beta tools". But actually it hard to distinguish what beloongs to V3 and what to V4 because V4 is just logical evolution of V3.

winicon.pngWindows [3.7.18H]:

With CUDA, 32 bit

With CUDA, 64 bit

Without CUDA, 32 bit

Without CUDA, 64 bit

osxicon.pngOSX [3.7.18F]:

OSX build Download link

linuxicon.pngLinux [3.7.18F]:

Linux build download link

Instuctions about installing CUDA for Linux

List of changes

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